Welcome to the NEW Marketplace of the Mind!

Once again, welcome!  This change has been a long time coming.  Aside from the obvious design changes, let me point out that now items and creators can be searched.  But, being a mind reader, I know the most important question is probably this:

“Where are those in-depth comments you’re well-known for, Jheff?”

The comments sections are now part of the Marketplace of the Mind forum. Because it’s a private forum, it will allow a little more freedom in what and how I say things. It will also allow me to add updates and have conversations with you about the product. I’ll explain more below.

First, let me say that I’ve created a brand new product review template in place of the in-depth comments, which I’ve dubbed, “Jheff’s Guide.”  This will give you a quick overview of the necessary info that you need to purchase a product.  This new format will apply to any item added to my site after November, 2013.  Previous items will still have the comments, though, in time, I will be converted those.

As for the forum, after you are registered (which is done manually, so please be patient), you will need to subscribe.  A subscription costs $2.97 a month, but you can deduct that amount from any purchase you make during that month ($10 minimum purchase). You can also pay $29.97 for an annual subscription, still get the $2.97 deduction each month, which will save you even more. For further information joining on the forum, please click on the link below.


Please note that this site is a work-in-progress (well, it always be, actually) and it will take time to fully migrate all the information from the previous site over to the new one.  I apologize in advance for the hassle of going back and forth, but I’m really excited about the new design and think it will be worth it in the long run.  I do welcome your comments and suggestions and feel free to leave them in the forum (or write me directly).

As for the newsletters, subscribers will still get the in-depth comments, though they may be edited.  However, the only products included in the newsletters will be for the products that I feel are recommended and worthy.   Products that I don’t recommend,  or that I am iffy about, will be in the newsletter but only with the Jheff’s Guide.  Also, I will be focusing on only one or two recommended items in each newsletter.  I may or may not be included the non-recommended items in the newsletter at all.

Hope you find this new format more useful, or just as useful, as the original one.

Have a magically great day,  Jheff