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$50 ($60 Outside U.S.)

The Blurb

“Possibly the BEST ESP routine I’ve ever seen.”
-Sean Waters

A Curiously Clean ESP Match-up

Using nothing more than ten unmarked Zener cards, a participant makes a series of totally free “intuitive” choices, resulting in the incredible highly unlikely matching up of all five pairs.

This is a test-conditions routine, in which there are no extra or gimmicked cards and no sleights. The participant can even shuffle the cards.

ESP cards don’t even need to be used. Three different presentations are demonstrated. Besides Ben Blau’s original routine, the downloadable instructions feature other astounding versions by Eugene Burger and Stephen Yachanin which don’t use ESP cards and show the versatility of the concept. UNFAZED can easily be adapted to different performing styles and themes.

Best of all, UNFAZED is impromptu (provided that you have cards to use) and resets instantly. Once you know the method, you’ll be empowered to perform this at any time.

The downloadable instructional video will be sent to you shortly after payment and you’ll get three different sets of cards sent to you – ESP cards and the two sets necessary for Eugene’s and Steven’s routine.

For a limited time, get a bonus video of Ben’s lecture for IBM Ring 22.

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Jheff's Guide

Effect with Props

If you’re reading this much later than November 2016 and are interested in Ben’s IBM Ring 22 lecture, you may want to inquire first to make sure it’s still a bonus as the offer may have ended.

Close-up, Parlour

This is the most elegant ESP card matching routine I’ve ever seen and has become one of my favorite ESP routines.  It requires no sleights and the cards are completely examinable, which means you can customize this to use any set of five different cards (x2) that will suit your style and needs.