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The Blurb

Luca Volpe Merlin “Mentalist of the Year, Europe”, Nostradamus “Best European Mentalist” winner and “Silver Star” recipient by the prestigious Magic Circle London… is finally releasing his Ultimate Book Test Act.

Not just the book test itself; but it includes all the little nuisances that will make YOUR book test PERFORMANCE truly powerful and memorable. Neal Scryer, the famous entertainer, described Luca Volpe as “The Rembrandt of Mentalism”.

Using his 20 years of mentalism performing experience in Close-up, Stage and TV performances, Luca Volpe walks you step-by-step through his incredible 8 minute performance routine.

No force book test
Free Selection Allowed
5 Phase book test routine
Limited Edition

The Ultimate Book Test teaches YOU:
How to read MULTIPLE spectator’s minds!
Maximize the impact of a 5 PHASE routine.
Blow your spectator’s minds with a BUILT-IN DRAWING duplication

Comes complete with:
2 books
Extra BONUS effects included
Detailed script built on a lifetime of performances

If you have ever dreamed of performing a book test routine, you cannot be without it.

“This is an incredible book test, and so much more! Luca knows how to amaze audiences; now YOU will have HIS secrets.”
– Marc Salem

“Luca’s multi-phase ‘Ultimate Book Test Act’ is probably the best book test routine I have ever witnessed!! This is 10-15 minutes of solid and baffling entertainment, which involves up to five participants but holds the attention of the whole audience…My order is in!!
– Paul McCaig

“Luca Volpe has created the new ‘Ferrari’ of book tests – devastatingly elegant, hard hitting and offering multiple revelation possibilities. It was THE HIT at MindVention…I want a set!”
– Brett Barry

A great combination of principles leading to a surprise ending which will thrill every audience.
– Nicholas Einhorn

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Jheff's Guide

Effect with Props

Mostly, but still contains everything you need to know.  The routine is not detailed.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage

This is solid, effective, and versatile tossed-out book test.  The books used are flawed in the way the inner text is laid out, but, unless that bothers you, the participants shouldn’t notice as they handle the books briefly and the whole routine should be quite effective for you.