The Blurb

One of the easiest and most natural tears you will ever learn!

For more than two years, Dustin Dean has been using this practical tear to perform powerful and direct mentalism. For a long time, he has kept this completely to himself, but now he’s ready to share this with all of you!

Imagine a tear where, in just two simple tears, you get your peek and the dirty work is done.

Imagine a tear where you can show all sides of the paper as you tear — no heat is on you because the participant sees exactly what you see. Yet, you are easily able to peek at 50% of the entire paper!

Imagine a tear that is incredibly easy yet very powerful and clean. This isn’t one of those complicated tears with lots of steps. This is a tear for magicians, mentalists, hobbyists, beginners, and professionals!

Everyone wants to be able to read minds, and everyone wants to do it cleanly, quickly, and easily. The UBT is arguably one of the best ways to accomplish those goals.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what others are saying about the UBT!

“Very nice; I like it!”
– Millard Longman

“From all of the real-time peek CT’s I have seen, this is probably my favorite and it’s very natural-looking!”
– Titanas

“Good job my friend!”
– Luca Volpe

“I know how it feels to tear thousands of business cards, honing the moves, coming up with a twist and a turn, and I know how great you must feel right now so congrats. Good work Dustin!”
– Ran Pink

“Looks great. Thanks so much for sharing.”
– Banachek

“The idea behind this is terrific and the execution seems quite intuitive. This is definitely a bold and new evolution in instant access tears.”
– Oz Pearlman

Included in this eBook are two full-fledged bonus routines and an invitation to a private Facebook group to discuss further ideas and tips! Add UBT to your arsenal!

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Jheff's Guide

E-Book, 55 pages, with video links

There are three tears, not two. However, the audience is only aware of two. Also, it says that 50% of the card is visible. It’s actually a bit less than 50% and more like 40%, but that’s still quite a bit and probably more than you need for this type of tear.

There’s two routines included, which are fine, but you may need to develop your own routines or seek out others, if you don’t already know any.

Out of all the tear techniques that I’ve learned, this is the best I’ve seen, the easiest to learn, the easiest to remember, and the most natural. At the price you’re paying for this, this is one of the best deals you’ll get this year and one of the best products for mentalists released this year. Or any year.