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The Blurb

Picture this:

You invite a client to take a pack of the Major Arcana and spread it out in a series of 3 rows, with 9 cards in each row. From this, they are to choose the one card they are most drawn toward, and only think of it. You then offer a reading for three separate spreads, including a general overview spread, a “love and romance” spread, and finally a “finance and career” spread. As you do this, you make notations in a booklet that the client gets to keep, which allows them to review your words and discoveries long after the session has concluded.

Three total spreads are made – three separate Readings dealing with the past, present and future – all stemming from the energy associated with the client’s Significator card, the card they focused on from the start.

You then gather up the cards, hand them to the client and say…

“I’d like to try something a little different, if you don’t mind, something that gives us one last card to look at that can help summarize and tie things together. To keep things random, I’m going to ask you to deal one card at a time for each letter in your name. . .”

The client does this, and you turn over the card.

It is the same card that they merely thought of at the beginning of the reading!

That Old Chestnut!?!

Yep, it starts out as the age-old card trick your uncle used to pull out every time you went to visit him, and you later learned in what was probably the first magic book you took out of the library. But I’ll bet your uncle never used Tarot cards, or gave you insightful readings based on the cards he kept picking up and laying back down on the table. As a result, you were probably bored out of your skull and couldn’t wait for the ordeal to end.

And while your uncle was finally able to reveal what card you were thinking of, I’ll wager he never did it by having you spell your name and have the thought-of card be the last one dealt.

Here’s what someone you’ve probably heard of had to say about Thoth’s Messengers:
“If you’d asked me a week ago if I thought there’d be any situation in which I’d do a card trick while doing a reading, I’d have said “No”. However, after reading Craig’s book, I’ve changed my mind. Thoth’s Messengers is a wonderful addition to the arsenal of anyone doing readings.

If I still had a private practice, and had seen someone do this, I’d happily pay $100 for it. For anyone who uses it, $45 is a tiny investment.”
~~ Richard Webster

How To Add Value and Get That All-Important Return Business

So, yes — revealing the thought-of card by spelling the clients name is impressive, and guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone who’s familiar with the original (or knows your uncle). But as Craig knows after years of professional readings, the key to repeat business is to get your name into your client’s hands in a way that will make them remember you the next time they want a reading. And even better is to give them something they will want to show their friends who also may want to get a reading from someone special.

With that in mind, Craig has put together The Trinity Reading Report, a multi-page booklet that documents each of the spreads, plus additional information that the client will want to look at long after they’ve left your table. This booklet is supplied with the Thoth’s Messengers manual, and can be completely customized with your own information.

As part of the product development every Pro Shop offering goes through, we send out copies to a number of respected professionals to get their frank and honest opinions. Here’s what another pro had to say:
“What can you possibly do with the 21-card trick? Craig had touched on this in an earlier work, but I didn’t think it could go any further. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Craig has the unique ability to warp and twist a basic effect into something that is not only amazing, but is actually helpful both to the client and the Reader. This can set you apart as a Reader!

Craig has taken an “old chestnut” and transformed it into a tool that will not only provide a solid and helpful reading for your client, but will also be a great way to increase your reputation and income. This is a must-have for those who want to make a memorable impact on potential or current clients.
~~ Don Marlette

Years of Field Testing

Thoth’s Messengers actually started out years ago as an in-joke created by Philemon Vanderbeck who, whenever the topic of the classic 21 Card Trick came up, would smile and say, “But you should see how I do it”.  He would usually leave it at that, but one day he started to think about how he could take a time-worn effect and transform it into something that would actually be worth performing. After a great deal of research and real world testing, he was able to do exactly that. He shared it with only a select group of professional readers, and it’s remained an underground classic until now.

Anyone who knows him will testify to the fact that Craig has a gift for taking an idea and wringing every last bit of goodness out of it.

Oh, wait… here’s a couple of those people now…

I must admit and say that Craig is a Gem. Not many of us can take a simple trick and turn it into a Psychic fit. Craig can!
~~ Roni Shachnaey

Love the twist! Once more proves my long held belief that the right composer can resurrect just about any trick.
~~ Jan Bardi

The Full Package

When you order Thoth’s Messengers you get both the 33-page manual and the 16-page Trinity Readings Report template. The manual includes not only the full details on how to work this engaging presentation, but sample script ideas from his own readings practice. The Trinity Readings Report, as mentioned above, is fully customizable. Add your name, bio, contact details, picture… anything you want the client to know and remember. You have complete control over the look and feel of the booklet, so if you want, you can change the name of the report, the font, the color, as well as including graphics that you may want to include to make this truly your own.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to use this to add that special something to your own readings, or you just want to put the zap on that pesky magician who’s crashed the local psychic fair looking to make life difficult for hard-working readers like yourself, Thoth’s Messengers is something that you’ll want to add to your repertoire.

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Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.


This is a powerful piece of reading based on a classic card trick that is usually embarrassing to most. Recommended for readers and those who would like a really strong Tarot presentation.