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The Blurb

A Billet Read with NO Switches, NO Tearing, NO Glimpses, NO Peeks

Billet reading is the ability to secretly know what’s been written on a piece of paper or card. Billet reading is often as close to real mind reading as any mentialistic trick can get.

To be REALLY effective, you must know when to look at the writing. It’s the true secret of the elusive perfect billet reading technique.

Using a switch or CT requires a stealthy view – and peeks and glimpses may not give enough time to read a full question.

Keeping the information contained to a small area of the card seems suspect. Many times tearing the billet is out of place.

Mentalists need a method of secretly reading the ENTIRE content of a billet – A FULL QUESTION – written ALL OVER THE CARD, without tearing or switching the paper.

And it has to be UNDETECTABLE and easy to perform.

SWITCHBLADE is all of that and more.

SWITCHBLADE is a technique rather than a special gimmick. It’s specific fold and handling revolves around a clever idea that has NEVER BEFORE BEEN APPLIED to mentalism!

You will get:

•  A 15 MINUTE VIDEO showing ALL the secret moves, folding and handlings.

•  A 2ND 15 MINUTE VIDEO discussing billets and their use and applications.

•  An HOUR LONG AUDIO with details about SWITCHBLADE and he routines included.

•  7 COMPLETE ROUTINES utilizing SWITCHBLADE on an HOUR long audio.

•  A PDF QUICK START GUIDE for use with the audio.

•  A LIVE FOLLOW_UP CALL discussing new ideas and applications for SWITCHBLADE.



This report will show you how to use SWITCHBLADE for one mentalism’s greatest effects. This effect is already a classic of mentalism, and SWITCHBLADE can be used (in a different way than designed) to perform it even better than ever before. It’s different, it allows you to do several more effects, and it’s a FREE Bonus!

All of the above – as instant downloads – MP4, MP3, PDF.

Switchblade is NOT a Hull Card. It’s unlike ANYTHING before. The moves are completely original to mentalism, never having been applied to billets before.

Jheff's Guide

Downloadable video, audio, and PDF files

Accurate or nearly accurate and complete, though it may seem a bit misleading if your definitions of certain terms are different than what Docc presents in the blurb.  Also, the name refers to it being a cutting edge utility device, not a switch of any kind.

Close-up, Parlour, Walkaround

It’s not easy to take a classic, utility Q&A technique and make it even better and more effective, but that’s just what Docc did.  This is a must-have for the working mentalist.