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The Blurb

When Peter Nardi created the Mind Spy and Stealth he had a very special wallet made for himself. Peter has used this wallet for the past 3 years, and to this day only one other person has had the pleasure of owning and working with the incredible wallet.

This is Peter Nardi’s updated version of the best selling Stealth Assassin.

The Stealth Assassin V1.1 has all the great features of the original but now with an extra pocket on the SUC side of the wallet and the magnets are now stitched in place!

Please note the original Stealth Assassin is no longer in production the new V1.1 is now the standard.

Do no be fooled by cheap imitations! The Stealth Assassin is the wallet of choice for many of the worlds top mentalists!

Manufactured in high quality leather with a great attention to detail, the Assassin takes all the greatest elements from its predecessors and combines them to create something new and powerful!

This is truly the utility device for the mentalist. Carry the Assassin with you, and you will have a complete mentalism act in your pocket!

The Stealth Assassin Wallet V1.1 is a 2-way peek wallet (including the SUC peek with permission from Mark Strivings). The effects one can perform with the Assassin are virtually unlimited. Among them are:

-Predict a driver’s license number.
-Predict a birthday.
-Predict a credit card number.
-Have a spectator write or draw anything on the back of a business card. The mentalist can then read the spectator’s mind and tell them what is on the business card, or the mentalist can choose to simply redraw what the spectator has drawn.

Comes complete with wallet and 2 instructional DVDs featuring Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann. The DVDs include full routines, handling, timing tips, and bonus effects and ideas!

Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 54min

Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 9min

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My Comments

NOTE: The new version of the Stealth Assassin Wallet is definitely an improvement.  The magnets are now stitched into the binding and there is now a pocket on the SUC side of the wallet.  Though these are very nice improvements, I don't think it's necessary for those who own an earlier version to upgrade.  If you use it a lot and can see how these improvements will add to your use, then I certainly recommend it.  Also, for owners of the previous versions, if you find that the magnets come loose, simply put them back on using Super Glue for leather (or a similar product).  That actually works better than the original adhesive.

Here are my original comments on the SAW, which still apply:

Wow!  I think it may be easier to list what this wallet doesn't do.  It won't market your act and it won't do your taxes.  All kidding aside though, it's an incredible utility item.  Since it's a version of Nardi's original Stealth wallet, which is a peek wallet, it can certainly still do that.  But now there are at least two ways to get to that peek.  It's also got Mark Striving's Sight Unseen Wallet principle, which means you can use it to load stuff, hold out items, and peek (in a third and different manner).  It's also an index wallet, which means it's a smaller version of Larry Becker's wonderful VersaWallet.  Finally, it can be used as an Out to Lunch wallet.  I don't think I need to tell you just how versatile this Stealth Assassin can be. In fact, you can probably do an entire close-up act using it and have a back-up act (or two!) in the wallet ready to go.

Its size is just right.  It's a hip pocket wallet that can fit easily into one's shirt pocket and most certainly can be used, and should be used, as an everyday wallet.  The only drawback that I found is in its design.  It's really a credit card wallet and there's no space to put bills.  They have to be folded and tucked into a flap.  It's not really designed as a business card wallet, either.  Nor is there a window for IDs.  But that doesn't mean you can't use it as an everyday wallet, nor that you can't convince your audience that it's anything but that.  Peter certainly uses it as everyday wallet and when you see his wallet on the DVDs, you'll be convinced, too.  I'm sure.  I will quibble about the packaging, though.  The box is rather flimsy and all the packages I got had damaged boxes.  But the contents inside (the DVDs and wallet) are not damaged and that's what counts and what's being used, so it's a minor complaint.

The DVDs have over two hours' worth of routines and tips on them spread out over two discs.  Many of them are basic routines, meaning that they are just obvious applications of the wallet's functions.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, though, and the routines included will give you a great head start in thinking about all the possibilities you could use with this.  For example, the first routine, "Short List," is a marvelous routine to use with the index function.  In this routine, the performer explains how he can control the outcome of a vacation decision.  I set my wallet up right away with it and impressed quite a few people already with that effect.  The DVDs also include versions of a Mark Elsdon effect using Trivial Pursuit cards and Stephen Tucker's Visa Cabaret, just to name a few of the effects discussed.

This is definitely a well-designed and well manufactured utility item.  You no longer need to carry around four different types of wallets (and a regular one!) or agonize over which one of your many wallets that you will use.  All you need is the Stealth Assassin.  That's it.  I really can't believe that anyone would buy this and not be able to find a use for it on an everyday basis.  And since you can use this one prop for an entire act, and as the one prop you'll want to use to perform close-up miracles for your potential clients, the price is more than fair.  This wallet has set a new standard of excellence and professional mentalists will be using and discussing this until something even cleverer and more versatile comes out.  Highly recommended (as if you hadn't guessed that).

Note: At the present time, the wallets available are only in black.