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The Blurb

Tell a complete stranger when they were born, their zodiac sign, and what this says about them.
No pumping or anagrams.
A unique system tells you what you need to know.
Simple and easy to learn and do.
Complete with numerology and zodiac cold readings to use even if you have never done them before.

Take your readings to the next level and turn them into impossible predictions.
Imagine meeting a total stranger, telling them when they were born, and what their star sign means. That’s exactly what you can do with Stardust!
Give readings to people you have never met.
No sleight of hand or gimmicks are necessary.
This simple system will tell you all about a person.
Everything you need to do a reading is right here. Word for word cold readings included.
Stardust! uses a unique system that is unlike anything else.

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Jheff's Guide

E-Book, 23 pages

Mostly, but still contains everything you need to know.

Close-up, Phone/Internet

In this, numbers pertaining to your age and birthdate are used to create one single number as in most numerological calculations.  The performer then does a reading based on that number, also revealing the birth month and star sign which also yields readings.  Due to the charts and scripts included, this easy to learn and do system probablys works best over the phone (or Skype), but this inexpensive PDF is an effective way to do short, basic, and meaningful readings.