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The Blurb

This is a mentalism routine with heart that packs flat and
plays big. This effect will amaze any onlooker and leave
them with a “warm fuzzy” inside. When you can grip an
audience emotionally it becomes easy to take on the role of
a tour guide and excort them on a magical journey.

The magician introduces several postcards from his previous
trips around the world. He lays the postcards out before his
audience to conduct an experiment in mind-reading.
Blindfolded or while his back is turned, the magician asks a
spectator to touch the cards at random. Incredibly, the
magician predicts the spectators every move and ultimately
divines their final selection. The final selection is also
revealed to be the magicians last romantic get-away.

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My Comments

This is a cute, romantic getaway version of a classic that
hearkens back to such effects as "Room for Doubt" or "Animal
Safari."  Nine postcards of different countries are shown.
The participant follows instructions, makes choices, and
eliminates eight of the cards.  The last card is turned over
and proves that the performer knew which card would be last.

The package includes the well-made postcards, some faux
stamps for you to affix on the postcards to make them look
more authentic, and an instruction sheet.  I like the fact
that the postcards have a built in cue so that it's easy to
know how the cards are arranged on the table.  As I said,
there's nothing new here, but it is a good, well-produced
version of this classic.