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The Blurb

The book test is a classic in mentalism and mental magic. Every professional show demonstrating the power of mind reading should include a solid book test as a staple.

Usually book tests that go beyond a simple “think of a word” routine involve expensive, specially printed books that will tarnish and tear over time. When you purchase the PYO Book Test, you get everything you need to print your own copies of this book test for extremely minimal cost and the added bonus of performing an astounding book test with your smartphone too.

So what’s the effect? With PYO, you take a book, or a number of different books, and have a spectator turn to any page. They will read silently the first paragraph. As they read, you will begin to pick up impressions; you’ll tell them specific things the character is experiencing, whether it’s a male or female voice that you’re picking up on, and more. Finally, the spectator is to focus on just a single word. You then read their mind and tell them the word they are merely thinking about.


Single of multiple spectators can be used.
Examinable books.
Works 100%, every time. No chance of failure.
Instant reset & repeatable with different results.
It feels like you can see through your spectator’s eyes and can describe exactly what they’re seeing.
Multiple books can be used, or just one book for a streamlined performance.
When the book gets a bit destroyed from lots of performances, you can just print another – No more need to buy expensive replacement books!
The PDFs you receive can also be loaded on your smartphone, for a full book test routine on the fly!

What You Receive:

When you purchase PYO, you will receive the following items sent directly via instant delivery to your email address:

Instructions: This will explain the effect, the method, performance and how to easily print book-store grade quality books (glossy, perfect bound) for a low price, with no minimum order.
1x Book Interior PDF: These files can be printed as normal books using the instructions, or you can put them on your smartphone or tablet for a casual book test on the fly. This can be fully edited at your digression. (Just in case you want to change the title/authors for a joke you use or add/remove anything or even change the size!)
Multiple Book Covers: With multiple covers, you can choose what you want your book test books to look like and can use multiple books at once! (5x professionally designed book covers with imagery, bar codes and synopsis are included)
Editable Content: Includes fully editable content. As well as the print-ready files, you will also receive an easy to edit word document of the book interior and ALL of the book covers as PSD files to edit in photoshop if you so wish. This is not a necessity, but an added bonus for the creative types!

“You should be charging WAY more for this!!”
Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo & Troy TV shows)

“Smart and revolutionary.”
Pablo Amira (

“I’m adding this to my act, and I hardly EVER add new material. BRAVO!!”
Morgan Strebler (Creator of Liquid Metal)

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Jheff's Guide

PDF and Word files that will allow you to print your own customizable book test.

It’s accurate.

It does not come with a book ready to be used out of the package. You must print it up yourself using Lulu (or another print-on-demand service), but this is something that you probably and easily inferred from the blurb.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage

Though I like the features and concept behind this, the conspicuously and embarrassingly misformatted interior pages make this useless for me.  You can spend the time to alter the Word file, but I’m evaluating this based solely on what you get and so, until the interior pages are reformatted, I cannot be enthusiastic about this.