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The Blurb

The Protean Eye is a powerful piece of mentalism with playing cards that is designed to be performed for audiences of up to one hundred people.

The effect combines classic and modern principles with a unique presentation that involves the entire audience.

It is presented as a demonstration of subliminal coercion.

Following is an EXACT description of the routine.

The mentalist writes a prediction on a large pad.  He states that it is the name of a playing card and allows people sitting on the left hand side of the audience to see the prediction.  (For the sake of this description, we will assume it reads, ìTHE TEN OF HEARTS.î He hands the pad to a spectator seated on the left side of the room near the front and cautions him/her not to reveal the prediction to the other side of the audience.

A pack of cards is removed from its case and is shown to be arranged in new deck order. Spectators near the front of the room verify that all fifty-two cards are present and that all are different. (The reason they are in new deck order is so this can be verified quickly.)

The cards are divided into two equal halves, one containing the clubs and hearts, the other comprised of the spades and diamonds.  This is done openly so that everyone can see that the performer is doing exactly as he says. He holds the halves in his outstretched hands and asks a spectator seated in the left hand side of the audience to point to any spectator seated on the right hand side. The person selected is asked to point to either half. That half is tossed aside or pocketed by the performer.

The mentalist points out that he will follow the exact same procedure as subsequent choices are made by various freely selected participants sitting on the right hand side ñ i.e. every time someone points to a half of the cards remaining, as they are held in the performerís outstretched hands, that half will be discarded.

The mentalist shuffles the remaining cards and, once again, the pack is divided into two halves. Another spectator on the right is selected by someone on the left and is asked to point to the half that will be discarded. (Note that this is NOT an equivoque or magician’s choice.) Whichever half the participant selects is the one that is discarded.

The performer shows the remaining half to the spectators on the left. He spreads through them slowly so they can verify that the predicted card is still among them.

This COMPLETELY FAIR selection procedure continues until one card remains.

The person holding the prediction now shows it to the ENTIRE audience.

The mentalist slowly and deliberately shows the selected card to the audience.

It is the Ten of Hearts. ____________________________________________________

No switches or sleights or involved. Please note that the routine requires additional materials which, if you do not already own them, are readily available for less than $20.00

The effect and routine are heavily dependent on effective presentational skills. The Protean Eye, therefore, is recommended for the experienced mentalist and psychic entertainer.