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The Blurb

“When superstar entertainers want to be entertained, they call Brian Gillis. And when Brian needs to look like a superstar, he pulls out The Peek Pack.

“This multiple-selection mental miracle is perfect for close-up or stand-up to manipulate the minds of the audience without manipulating the cards!

“Brian has used this reputation-maker on Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, Muhammed Ali, Charlize Theron, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . and some of the bigger names.

“Even though it’s easy to do, Brian has also fooled magicians with The Peek Pack over the last 20 years in all three rooms of the Magic Castle!

“Find out why The Peek Pack went directly into my close-up and stand-up shows.

“Picture this: Each and every card is peeked at — as the pack is riffled. Six spectators. Six selections. Six revelations.

“During the show, I use a poker tell ruse of reading body language and facial expressions. After the show, this is the one that people tell me is completely believable.

“Trust me when I say The Peek Pack is so strong that you’ll want to toss out your Tossed Out decks and use this as often as possible!”

—Gregory Wilson

Jheff's Guide

Gimmick with routine included

Any venue, but best to use one in which you have at least six or more people.

Brian Gillis, one of Johnny Carson’s favorite magicians, has been performing this for decades. This powerful hands-off routine in which the performer reveals thought-of cards works differently than Richard Osterlind’s RADAR DECK, but is definitely effective. If you’re not averse to using cards, this is a highly recommended worker.