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The Blurb

This mentalism effect will knock your spectator’s socks off!

We are super excited to bring you Occultatum™ – one of Menny Lindenfeld’s most closely-guarded underground secrets in mentalism.

Occultatum™ (“Hidden” in Latin) has been Menny Lindenfeld’s secret weapon for over a decade. It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL SYSTEM that helps you detect a hidden object.

A participant hides a personal object (e.g. her ring) in one of many boxes.

She has a real FREE CHOICE to hide the object in any box.
She can FREELY MIX the boxes as much as she wants.
You can be blindfolded or even OUT OF THE ROOM during this process.
And when you come back, you GENUINELY DO NOT KNOW where the object hides.

And yet, without the use of electronics or magnets, and WITHOUT ASKING THE SPECTATOR ANY QUESTIONS, you are able to guess where the object hides – using the Occultatum™ psychological system.

You can perform with any number of boxes, or without any boxes at all – by simply letting someone sign an object instead of hiding it.

You can apply the system for close-up, for stage – using large objects (e.g. a basketball) or fully impromptu – using everyday objects (e.g. disposable coffee cups, beer caps, beer coasters, packets of sugar, and more).
You can even perform with your own business cards – which is a powerful and a memorable way to hand out your cards.

The METHOD IS BULLETPROOF and works with 100% accuracy every time.

Occultatum™ is your secret mentalism weapon that will make you feel like a real psychic every time you demonstrate it.

Powerful and bulletproof method.
100% accuracy guaranteed!
No electronics or magnets.
Perform with any number of boxes.
Principle can be applied for close-up, stage, and impromptu.
Perform 100% impromptu (with or without boxes).
Spectator has a real, free choice where to hide the object.
Be blindfolded or out of the room while the object is hidden and mixed.
100% genuine – you truly don’t know where object hides.
Never ask the spectator any questions.
Collectible custom-made metal tin containers included (x8 units).
Use provided containers, use your own, or perform impromptu with everyday objects.
Video tutorial (download/full HD 1080p).

In the tutorial, Menny Lindenfeld teaches you:

The Occultatum™ psychological system using two (2) unmarked containers.
The Occultatum™ psychological system using multiple containers (any number of containers can be used).
Advanced variation with any number of containers.
Occultatum™ multi-phase routine.
Occultatum™ variation using your own business cards.
How to perform Occultatum™ impromptu.
Included impromptu variations using:
Borrowed disposable coffee cups.
Borrowed sugar bags.
Borrowed beer caps version 1.
Borrowed beer caps version 2.
To perform Occultatum™ on stage (with real basketball).
Method variations.

“Menny demonstrated Occultatum™ over and over again, each time discovering the coin I’ve supplied and hidden myself. I have no idea how he did it. MENNY BLEW MY MIND!”
– Uri Geller


Jheff's Guide

Gimmick with routine(s) and props included


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