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The Blurb

Instantly read minds with whirlwind-like speed!

Imagine having the power to extract a number…any
number…a random number…even a complex 6-digit
number…from another person’s mind!

Now you can…with Richard Osterlind’s newest creation –
Numeric Vortex. With the Numeric Vortex system, you’ll be
able to accurately and flawlessly extract a six digit number
from the minds of two, three or even more spectators. It
looks just like real mind reading!

With Richard Osterlind’s Numeric Vortex, you’ll receive 60
stage-sized cards (4.25″ x 6.75″) printed on quality stock
designed to last a lifetime, with each bearing a boldly
printed six-digit number. You’ll also get Richard’s
comprehensive training manual outlining not only the
revolutionary thinking behind the Numeric Vortex system but
also many performance tips and routining ideas. What’s more,
we predict that you’ll be amazed at the incredible method
behind Numeric Vortex – a ground-breaking new discovery by
Richard Osterlind utilizing a brand-new principle that
rivals his Breakthrough Card System in ingenuity.

Suitable for stage, parlor, and close-up, you’ll never run
out of ways to utilize Numeric Vortex.

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My Comments

I must say that this is one of the best items that Richard
Osterlind has produced in the past few years.  What
Osterlind did for drawings with ODDS, he now does with
numbers with NUMERIC VORTEX.  In many ways, these two items
are similar.  If you like ODDS, then you'll definitely like

Now, do not dismiss this just because it uses numbers.  This
is not a lightning addition or magic square type of effect.
It's a solid, reputation-making demonstration of mentalism.
Numbers are thought of and then revealed by the performer.
It's that direct.  Nothing is done with the numbers as far
as multiplying or subtracting or anything like that.  There
are no switches or forces.  And everything can be examined.

Some may recognize the inspiration as Vincent Dalban's
Mental Numbers (Osterlind included this on the
Easy-to-Master Mental Miracles series).  To the audience, it
looks exactly the same.  However, the method has been
updated and streamlined to make it even easier and more

After working with Dalban's version, Osterlind was
dissatisfied with the methodology.  He figured that it would
be apparent to anyone who studied the numbers casually.  He
also didn't like the indexing of the numbered cards.  With
this version, both concerns have been addressed.

For these improvements, the calculations are a tad more
difficult and do require more practice, especially to those
who are used to the original methodology.  By no means,
though, are the calculations difficult.  They are very
logical and quite easy to do.  If you can add two single
digit numbers together in your head (or on paper, if you
have to), then you can do this.

I know that some may not like the gorgeously produced cards
with the pre-printed numbers on them.  They may feel too
"prop"-y.  The methodology has nothing to do with the cards
themselves.  It's all in the numbers.  So, one can easily
print the sixty numbers onto other cards in one's own

The package includes the sixty cards (4.25" x 6.75") and a
16-page, 5.5" x 8" booklet.  I've already performed this a
few times and I'm really enjoying this.  As I implied above,
this is fast becoming one of my favorite Osterlind items.  I
really like ODDS and I really like this.  Highly