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The Blurb

Chris Congreave has come up with a version of the diary
trick that fits in your wallet! No pack, no diary, NO

This takes up NO space and can be used in ANY wallet.

Imagine showing spectator a playing card in your wallet,
then give them a small card that has every date printed on
it, next to each date is playing card, they look up the card
next to their own Birthday.

You then show the card that’s in your wallet, it matches

Completely self working!
Totally deceptive!
Instant reset!
Uses any date!
Works every single time!

Here are a few quotes from people who have been using The no
diary, diary….

“Amazing, it takes up no room in your pocket, easy to do and
visually fantastic, could not recommend this enough!”
– Wayne Goodman

“Chris’s Diary No Diary trick is a great twist on a classic!
You want to use cards? Use cards! You don’t want to use
cards? Don’t use them! This versatile trick can be used in
both formal and informal situations alike! Keep it in your
wallet and it’s always ready to go!”
– Martin Allcock

“Birthdates, wedding dates, anniversary or any other special
date, this works every time and is killer!!!!”
– Daren Rotherham

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My Comments

This is essentially Bob Cassidy's diary effect with a few
differences to make it into a walkaround version. Cassidy is
credited, sort of.  His name is lumped together with a bunch
of names at the end of the booklet.  The publisher has since
apologized for not getting permission in advance and Bob has
retroactively given his permission.

Anyhow, instead of pocket diaries, this uses laminated
pocket cards (credit card size) that can fit in your wallet.
Like Cassidy's effect, there are two of them, though the
participant only gets one.  The reasons behind having two
are the same.  Also, the number of "outs" (those who have
the effect know what I'm talking about) is increased by one.
And instead of having a large Jumbo card in the pocket that
matches the lucky playing card printed on the wallet card,
it's a card that is found in the wallet.

As an English teacher, I must also just be a tad hard on the
claim that it "takes up NO space and can be used in ANY
wallet."  Sementically, I think the meaning is understood,
but it should say that it "takes up HARDLY any space."  It
is kind of impossible for an object to take up NO space.

Finally, and most importantly, Cassidy had a very specific
reason for writing down card names in a diary.  It made
sense for the presentation.  The printed cards look real,
but I doubt any participants/audience have seen cards like
this, which make this much more of a mental magic effect
than Cassidy's original.

Also included in the instructional booklet is an idea to use
this like a tossed out deck with having multiple people
choose many different cards and then you can name them.
Frankly, I think this version is better than the main

As I said, I'm sure this plays very well.  The cards are
nicely produced and anyone using this as a walkaround item
will find this very effective.  For that, I can most
definitely recommend that you will be getting a winner. Yet,
in Bob's version, you can do it walkaround as the diaries
fit into the pocket and the prediction card can come from
your "regular" wallet, so I have to question the necessity
and existence of an item like this.