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The Blurb

The Regular Edition:

Read Their Minds With Real Books!

A book test of extraordinary quality. They choose either book. They open to any page. They choose to concentrate on either words or illustrations. You tell them exactly what they are thinking. No fishing. No outs. No anagrams. No extra props. No lengthy memorization. No force. No crib sheets. You never ask the page number. The Regular version contains two hardcover Hercule Poirot novels written by Agatha Christie, the world’s best-selling author. Both books are different with different characters and locations throughout. Both books contain a complete novel and can be read from beginning to end without suspicion. Clothbound, fully illustrated, signature sewn, gold stamped with full laminated dust jackets and ISBN numbers, exactly as you would buy in any trade book store. Both can be read cover to cover without discovering the subtle secret. You could give either to a librarian, editor or publisher to examine and they would swear the books are legitimate and normal. No duplicate pages or sections, no short pages, no bizarre vocabulary or nonsense sentences of any kind. Yet, amazingly, this effect is still very easy to do. The Mysterious Affair Standard Version comes with two hardcover books, The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Cavendish Poisoning. Includes a clearly written instruction book with directions, additional routines, tips and suggestions for other effects. A solid mentalist effect for the working pro, and also a very high quality product for the discerning collector.

The Deluxe Edition:

Read Their Minds With THREE Real Books!

The Deluxe version of The Mysterious Affair comes with three Agatha Christie books in a published series. You get The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Cavendish Poisoning and The Body in the Library. Each is hardbound, sewn in signatures, with a full laminated dust jacket. All three books are different, with different characters and locations, although all three are Hercule Poirot stories. Each book is complete and can be read all the way through as an exciting mystery novel without discerning the subtle secret. The three books are varied colors with distinct art design, just like regular novels in a mystery series. Carry all three and give any spectator a free choice of any one of the books.

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Jheff's Guide

Effect with Props (2 for Regular Edition; 3 for Deluxe)

Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage

This unique book test allows the performer to describe a line of text, as opposed to revealing a specific word, which I think is just as effective, if not more so.  If you’re looking a solid and baffling book test and/or one that uses Agatha Chistie’s books featuring Hercule Poirot, then this is a high quality effect that you’re sure to get lots of use out of.