The Blurb

A full 30 minute act that you can carry in your pocket and perform in almost any stand-up situation, My Q & A the ultimate mentalism routine.

“It doesn’t matter how you obtain the information, it is how you answer the questions that is important.”
The statement above is one I have read again and again in published works on the Q & A from some of the best in the business.

I am afraid however that after nearly twenty years studying the systems of others and working on my own Q & A methods and routines, I have to disagree. To me as a full time mentalist and psychic entertainer, how you obtain the information is of paramount importance. So let me re-write the above statement.

“Your ability to answer the audiences questions can make or break a Q & A routine, but how you obtain the information to answer those questions in the first place is of paramount importance.”
It has always seemed to me that a sterile method for obtaining access to the audience’s questions is where you should start when building a solid foundation for any Q & A routine. With that in mind I set myself the following criteria when devising my own system.

Real time
No electronics (they always fail when you least expect it)
No assistants
No impression devices
No pre-show work
No stooges (instant or otherwise)
No quick peeks inside folded cards
No memory work
Instant access to the information
All props used, innocent in appearance and common place

It has taken a number of years and a lot of trial and error but for the last few years I have been using a system that fits all of the above criteria.

“As a long-time fan and avid supporter of ALL of Scott Creasey’s work, I was quite excited to check this one out.

“There’s a lot to love about “My Q&A” and though our individual styles, criteria and personal approaches to Q&A are diametrically opposed in many ways, I’m a huge fan of the genre and do my best to consume just about everything released on the subject. To say that I was incredibly impressed with Scott’s Q&A method, approach, structure and all the thinking behind and going into it would be a huge understatement. I highly recommend this ebook and for the menial asking price it really can’t be beat. Speaking for myself only, I would have been happy paying 10 x more for this phenomenal piece of work.

“Not only is the structure, timing, framing, presentation, choreography, methodology, the expert use of subtlety, attention to detail, professional nuances and core effect exemplary in this case, it opens wide the doors to innumerable performance options, can be custom tailored for the performer, environment and attending audience – the foundational techniques are, by nature, highly applicable to other mind reading acts and hard-hitting routines of the same high class and caliber.

“I’m actually very surprised there’s not a WHOLE LOT more talk about the piece in question.

“Complete with an interactive beginning, ultra-strong middle and memorable, powerful ending I don’t feel ANY mentalist worker or psychic entertainer in this day and age would be anything less than ecstatic over their purchase – there’s a whole lot of value here, the routine is complete, simple in execution, devastating in effect and would be a startling success in even the most inept hands. I highly, highly recommend this one and that you check it out immediately!

“Now…I’m off to grab up the rest of his stuff and the few things of his I’ve obviously been missing.”

Reviewed by Jerome Finley

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Jheff's Guide

E-Book, 33 pages

(The effect and package contents are completely described)
Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.
Mostly, but still contains everything you need to know.
Leaves out some key details that purchasers should know.
Does not provide enough information.

(list of what’s not included that the performer needs)

Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround

What makes this one unique is that it features a Shaxonless flap envelope (and, no, I won’t explain what that is or how it’s used) and a unique drawing duplication idea borrowed from a well-known mentalist (not Mr. Cassidy) for the finale.  This is another highly recommended manuscript from Scott Creasey.