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Volume 1


Volume 1 (Download)


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Volume 2 (Download)


Volume 1 & 2


Volume 1 & 2 (Download)


The Blurb

One of the cornerstone books in the field of mentalism is
inarguably T.A. Waters’ magnum opus, Mind, Myth & Magick.
This massive tome – a monument to a lifetime of work in the
mystery arts – has become an almost standard reference work
for anyone aspiring to become a mentalist.

Now, you can meet the man behind the legend and watch him as
he brings his creations – many right from the pages of Mind,
Myth & Magick – to life in front of an enthusiastic and
justifiably amazed live audience. Then, T.A. Waters will
take you behind the curtain to show you the diabolical
machinations behind the miracles. In addition, you’ll be
treated to his timeless thoughts about creating and
performing magic and mentalism in his insightful “T.A.

Strong effects…strong opinion…and one unforgettable
performer. T.A. Waters’ Miracles of the Mind, like his book,
is destined to influence yet another generation of mystery

Volume 1:

FOLDEROLL – A prediction technique that’s suitable for any
venue in which your prophecy appears inside a folded paper
or card that’s been sealed inside an envelope.

CARTOMANIC – A fast-paced divination of playing cards merely
thought of by five spectators. This is a miracle that can be
performed with a borrowed deck with no memory work, no
gimmicks, and no advance preparation.

VERBALL – An infallible forcing technique for any situation
that not only uses ordinary articles but can be performed
impromptu with absolutely no preparation.

SPECTRI – One spectator decides on a card and another
spectator divines it without knowing how. No stooges are
used and you’ll learn three different methods to accomplish
this startling effect.

SYMBO-CHART – A numerological novelty in which randomly
chosen numbers infallibly reveal a chosen ESP symbol.

MYTHADVENTURE – An old coincidence effect is transformed
into a strong and direct divination of two thoughts.

SPECULUSION – Under the performer’s influence, a spectator
divines a tarot card being thought of by another spectator –
and has no idea how!

BLACKARD – A highly visible stage card prediction that uses
ordinary-appearing properties. Simple, automatic, and

Working with a Spectator
Doing Other Magicians’ Material
Don’t Do The Same Tricks
Never Talk Down to the Spectator
Magic Today

Volume 2:

SYNCHROINCIDENCE – Two cards are freely selected by two
spectators from two genuinely shuffled decks. In spite of
the impossible conditions imposed, they are found to match!

TRIONIC – A step-by-step analysis of T.A. Waters’ pumping
technique, together with a description of his Trionic Deck.
This is actually a mini-seminar on an often misused, little
understood technique. It should also be noted that T.A.
Waters fooled well-informed card men with this technique,
applying a principle they already knew! Invaluable
information, clearly explained.

CUTOUT – A very straightforward method for revealing the
thoughts of two spectators.

COUNT FRAME – A frame is shown that depicts a circular,
numbered chart on one side and a grid of arcane symbols on
the other. A spectator is asked to select a number from the
chart which is then used to count to the corresponding
symbol on the other side – which happens to match the
performer’s prediction that’s been in plain sight the entire

QUINDARY – Five tarot cards are selected under test
conditions and though the performer genuinely does not know
their identities, he is able to divine all five. The
original principle revealed here can be applied to many
other effects.

GYPSEE – A spectator freely cuts a pack of tarot cards as
often as desired but nevertheless, their chosen Card of Fate
appears, just as predicted by an old gypsy’s letter.

NEO-PAPER – T.A. Waters’ handling of the famous Newspaper
Test allows you to perform this effect anywhere, anytime –
and with no advance preparation!

THRINK – A fabulous stage mentalism routine where the
performer divines items merely thought of by three
spectators – and no one has to leave their seats!

Playing Cards
Mentalism or Mental Magic
Ethics vs. Mentalism

My Comments

Fifteen years!  That's approximately how long this material
has been sitting on L&L's shelf and approximately how long
it's been since the mentalism world lost the incomparable
T.A. Waters.  And, sorry, I do not have a reason for this,
except that I know that the videos were shot shortly before
his death and so perhaps L&L felt releasing it at the time
would not be right.  That's just a guess, though.

Obviously, this material, much of which is in his MIND,
MYTH, & MAGICK tome, has been around for awhile and much has
been updated and used by other mentalists.  So quite a bit
of this material may seem familiar to experienced
mentalists.  That really doesn't lessen the quality or the
effectiveness of it, though.

Each disc features eight routines (sixteen in all) plus some
commentary and opinions on the general nature of mentalism
and performing mentalism.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching
this material.  Much of it I had forgotten, or perhaps
overlooked, when I first went through MM&M.  I'm sure that
you, like me, will find a routine or two, and quite a few
tidbits of invaluable info, that will be used.

The bottom line is this: if you're looking for new material,
then you probably will be disappointed, unless you're not
familiar with Waters' work.  Otherwise, this is a chance to
see T.A. Waters perform and talk about magic.  True, Waters
may not have been the finest performer, but he's still
enjoyable and certainly someone from whom we can still learn
quite a bit.