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The Blurb

The Mental Manuscripts of W. G. Magnuson
Featuring his great book Twentieth-Century Mindreading
Over 200 pages of rare mental methods
More than 125 effects
Mindreading, divination, readings, spirit effects, and more
Magnuson’s book Twentieth Century Mind Reading
Reproductions of Magnuson’s gimmicks
Biography of the colorful Rev. W. G. Magnuson
Magnuson memorabilia and articles
Convenient PDF format on disk

The enigmatic W. G. Magnuson published some of the most direct, bold methods in twentieth century mindreading. His classic Twentieth Century Mind Reading contains insights and techniques still vibrant for today’s audiences.

But most of Magnuson’s material appeared in the form of the hand-typed instructions he painstakingly wrote and marketed from his home in Rockford, Illinois. Our CD collection
brings you over 125 of these rare manuscripts, full of eye-opening methods and effects of all kinds: mindreading, divination, cold readings, psychic stunts, spirit effects, and more…essential reading for the mentalist!

The Mental Manuscripts of W. G. Magnuson also brings you the first-ever biographical sketch of this enigmatic character who gave readings in his First Church of Research,
officiated ministry ordinations, and performed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not shows.
The CD includes over 200 pages of material, including Magnuson booklets, instructions, catalogs, and memorabilia, all in convenient PDF format on CD with an index included for easy access.

My Comments

Chances are you've never heard of this guy, but he was a real professional worker from the early part of the last century. Unfortunately, this is not complete, but even still there is quite a bit of material here that is quite useful and historical. I always enjoy going through older material because I love finding those great gems that seem to be lost over time or ones that I've forgotten that are worth rediscovering.

Much of the material in here is scanned from original typewritten pages. So I must warn you that some of it is quite hard to read. The type is faint, or too black, or too crowded, etc. It would have been nice to have them all re-type set, but that's not what this is. It's simply snapshots of the originals, kind of like a museum. Perhaps someone will come along and put this material into a nice book. Still, the material in here is what matters.

Longtime readers know that I am a great advocate of collecting a library of the classics of mentalism. We need to educate ourselves of as much of what went on before us so that we don't reinvent the wheel or miscredit an effect. Yeah, I may be biased in this respect, but I think my recommendation of this is quite valid.