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The Blurb

This is the third in a three-part series on the Q&A routine,
which has long been considered as the most powerful routine
a mentalist can do and the “backbone of mentalism,”
according to Bob Cassidy. The first teleseminar featured
the history, foundations, and background of this essential
mentalism art. The second featured advanced techniques and
additional routines.

Now, Bob Cassidy, arguably the most influential mentalist
the last few decades, brings it all together for performers
who want to bring their Q&A act to the highest, most
professional level. With this material, one will appear to
actually read minds and even those in the know will not be
able to follow any methods. This is the incredible
information that was shared in Cassidy’s landmark,
exclusive, and highly acclaimed Q&A workshops!

Learn the following techniques of Q&A:

– the art of answering questions, which is one of the most
important and necessary techniques to performing as the
answers are the crucial part of the routine!

– how to integrate cold reading into the answer revelations
and make them sound even more incredible!

– modernized and modified Anderson/Hoy techniques!

– how to use misdirection and logical disconnects so that
even audience members in the know will have a hard time
following or determining the methods!

– Jazz Mentalism, the most powerful Q&A approach! Using
this, one can walk into any environment, grab some paper and
pencils, and do a complete, convincing, and unforgettable
Q&A act!

Your purchase includes the teleseminar notes, the MP3
recording of the teleseminar, and the postnotes.