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The Blurb

Kodama is a mentalist’s tool that will allow you to know your audience’s secret thoughts right in front of their watching eyes. A well-known principle has been completely reengineered in order to create an “impression” that will be invisible to your spectator but very visible to you.

The beauty of this memo pad tool is that once you discover the secret you will be able to make your own without spending extra money on refills. But, of course, if you wish to get extra pads professionally printed they are available. Kodama is beautifully low tech and designed for the worker.

– No magnets
– No carbon paper
– Easy to reset
– The gimmick will last for a very long time
– No refills necessary (you can find the special something in any stationary store)
– Works under any light condition
– Multiple handlings explained

Kodama includes two pads, gimmick, and download instructions which include both close-up and stage performance explications.

“In my opinion, mentalism never needs to be high tech to be great. Kodama is a smart, low-tech means to get big results in your show. I love it!”
– Alain Nu

“The Kodama Pad in my opinion is the best impression pad available today and the one that I use for my professional work. The method is simple and can be used during performance, it can be used in real time or for pre-show, no expensive refills, low tech, works in any condition and best of all, came from a real worker in Mentalism.”
– Pablo Amirá

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Jheff's Guide

Gimmick with routine(s) included

It says that the “gimmick will last for a very long time.”  The gimmick referred to may not be what you think it is.  It’s not the pad but something included with this that is used to prepare the pad.  I cannot verify how long it will last before you need replacing, but I can verify that it is an art supply item which is easy to obtain.

The pads that Matt Pulsar uses are A7 pads with a clear plastic cover.  They are not as easily available in the U.S. as they are in Asia and other parts of the world.  There is one source that sells them to U.S. customers for, at the time of this writing, $1.50 a pad plus $7.95 shipping for delivery within five days or so.  I’ll put the link in the Marketplace of the Mind forum for those who are members or you can write me.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround

This is an elegant-looking A7 pocket-sized memo pad which will allow to secretly and cleverly learn information in real time during your performance. If you work with memo pads, this is certainly a worker’s pad that’s worth checking into as it’s easy to use and quite effective.