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The Blurb

Take your book test to the next level.

From the minds of Scott Olgard and Luke Jonas comes a new, ground breaking book test that is limited only by your own imagination. Welcome to The Jekyll & Hyde Test.

Effect – The performer begins by introducing the book as his favourite book growing up and that he has set himself the challenge of memorising the entire 26,694 words of the book. A spectator (or spectators) is asked up onto the stage to assist and the performer never touches the book.

The spectator is asked to flick through the book, change pages a few times, then settle on one page. With no fishing, the performer is able to recite an entire line from the page. There is genuinely no force, and the spectator can see that other pages are not duplicates. Secondly, a spectator from the audience writes down 3 or 4 page numbers, unseen by the performer, and the spectator on stage turns to one of those pages without telling the performer. Through body language/mind reading, (whatever the performer’s style) the performer first is able to give small details, and then reveal, word for word, the entire first paragraph. The performer decides to take things one step further by having the spectator again turn to another page, unknown to the performer and settle on a truly random word. The performer can then reveal the word through whichever method suits his style.

Fully examinable
Readable from cover to cover
A book that people will know and recognise.
No fishing, peeks, glimpses, stooges, or sleight of hand.
No complicated memory work.
Suitable for stage and close up work.
Includes Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book, along with 46 page concise instructions.

Bonus effects, including a drawing duplication that you will be able to perform within 5 minutes of receiving this product! You can have your spectator attach a personal memory to one of the words in the book and reveal the memory piece by piece.

It doesn’t stop there. You can adapt this book test to suit any of your needs, and combine it with any book test you already own. This book test is limited only by your imagination.

Take the next step with your Book Test.

Welcome to ‘The Jekyll & Hyde Test’


“The Jekyll & Hyde Test is practical, efficient, and will blow your audience’s minds. If you are looking for a book test that is hands off, impossible to backtrack, and engaging, then this one is for you.”

“The Jekyll & Hyde test is a thing of sheer beauty! Modern, slick and baffling for the people that view it. Right up my street!”

“A ‘BEAST’ of a book test!”

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Jheff's Guide

Two books, both 5″x8″ (approx.), one being the novel and the other being the instructional book.

It does say “no complicated memory work.”  Some may take issue with that as there is a fair amount of memory work, but I don’t think it’s that complicated.  Though it’s explained clearly and it’s easy to learn, there is still quite a bit of it if you want to take full advantage of the book’s features and you will have to practice quite a bit, too.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage

Creating a book test solely for the reason of making it so ordinary that participants can read it cover to cover is magician thinking as I’ve never let participants have enough time during performances to do that.  And, though it definitely delivers on the promises of the blurb, at the end of the day, there is just too much work involved in this book test as compared to others that I have a hard time putting this anywhere near the top of my list of recommended book tests.