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Rarely does a secret get published that ticks all the boxes (no pun intended).

A unique concept from master creator Angelo Carbone, The Gift is an effect with a method so clever that you’ll feel a giddy urge to reveal the method to your spectators. We don’t suggest that you actually do this.

The spectator deals the cards face up and stops wherever they want. They open the gift box themselves and remove the prediction inside. The prediction will ALWAYS be correct!

Bonus routine included where your prediction is torn in half, and half of it is in view the ENTIRE time before a card is selected. The other half is inside the box and, of course, both torn halves match perfectly!

The spectator and the box do the hard work, but you come out the winner.

The Gift is a self-contained, precision-crafted device that makes the effect easy to perform. It doesn’t use any indexes or loads, and resets in seconds. Open the box, set up the device, and you’ll be performing within minutes.

What you get:

– The Gift Box
– Deck of Cards
– 40 min instruction video with Angelo Carbone
– The ability to perform a miracle

Available in Standard and in Limited Edition Gold

Give your spectators “The Gift” of an impossible moment!

“Angelo fooled me with his original version and the finished product is just wonderful! It’s a beautiful trick and a very versatile prop with all the trademark elegance we’d expect from one of close-up magic’s finest living inventors.”
– Derren Brown

“One of the most miraculous things I’ve ever seen!”
– Richard Kaufman

“I have always been a fan of Angelo’s creations. The Gift is another example of Angelo thinking outside the box. I love it!”
– Asi Wind

“Angelo Carbone has done it again – he’s taken something that looks 100% innocent and made it 100% devious.”
– David Regal

“I was fooled badly! There is nothing in magic like this. Angelo is a genius and this release is something that you will love performing!”
– Luca Volpe

“Absolutely wonderful!”
– Tomas Blomberg

“Bloody Brilliant! Absolute genius!”
– Jamie Badman

“It absolutely blew me away! I cannot wait to get this and this further exemplifies why Angelo is possibly the greatest living creator!”
– Jamie Daws

“It’s absolutely fantastic!”
– Mark Elsdon

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Jheff's Guide

Gimmick with routine(s) included

It’s accurate, although it doesn’t stress that any flat paper or card can be found in the box.  You are not limited to merely playing cards.  This is a bit more versatile than that.

There is a second, secret gimmick in play that is used, and which is included, though many mentalists may have one of these already.

Close-up, Parlour

This is definitely a well-made and well-produced item that’s quite versatile as the card routine is included as more of an example of what can be done with this.  Whether or not you purchase this will depend upon whether you will use it.

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