The Blurb

The Evolution of a Classic Mindreading Device.

The Swami Gimmick has finally left your finger.

You never have to fumble to find the gimmick. You never stick anything onto your finger or hide anything in your hands. Your fingers and hands are always empty!

Predict a stranger’s random thought on a business card that’s sealed in an envelope.

Your empty hands bring a sleek black case out of your pocket. You remove the small sealed envelope…and you’re ready to predict. There’s never anything hidden in your fingers or hands…

Free your fingers. Forget your worries. Focus on your performance.

Top mentalists and magicians know the power of the Swami; it’s hands down the single most astonishing way to do pure, direct, real-deal predictions.

But all the current versions of the Swami all have one major drawback: you have to hide the device on a finger or thumb. With a lot of practice this can be made to work reasonably well…but there’s always the fear of exposing the gimmick, dropping it, or having it not work exactly right every time.

Mark Allen’s Freedom Writer is the world’s first “Un-Swami.” It’s completely different and solves all your problems.

There’s never, ever anything attached to you — your hands and fingers are 100% free and empty at all times.

Here’s just one of many easy Freedom Writer Predictions you’ll be doing in no time:

Take out the envelope and pretend to pour a pile of “invisible coins” into someone’s hand. She plays along and pretends the imaginary change add up to, let’s say, 72 cents. She — not you — then reaches into the envelope and pulls out a business card. There’s a message written on it, which reads, “Your imaginary coins will add up to exactly 72 cents.” Bam!

Mark Allen’s Freedom Writer — Total Finger Freedom

No sticky stuff, flesh colored gadgets, clips or rings to hide on your fingers.
No carbon paper or impression devices.
Nothing to fall off your fingers.
No risk of anything being exposed on your finger.
Your hands, fingers and thumbs are always completely clean and empty.
Easy, solid and smooth control every time. No wobbling.
Far easier to use than even the most up-to-date Swamis.
No Black Case / No Envelope options: Use just business cards or post it pad.
Produces easy-to-read predictions in pencil.
Works with any size/shape/color hands — because there’s never anything hidden on your hands or fingers.
Nothing to secretly add or steal.
Always ready – everything in one place: Just throw the black case into your pocket and you’re ready to predict.
An ingenious new Swami concept, fine-tuned by master craftsman Mark Allen to be rock solid and absolutely perfect in every way.

Free your fingers today! FREEDOM WRITER

Complete with custom gimmick, special black carrying case, envelopes, extra secret stuff and in depth video download.

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Jheff's Guide

Gimmick with routine(s) included

There are two carrying case included, one is metal and one is plastic.  The plastic one has a feature which can be used for routines.  Also, even though it “works with any size/shape/color hands,” you may find that other Swami gimmicks are more comfortable for you.

You may need to gimmick or prepare another item, such as a wallet or Post-It Pad.  This takes a minute or so to do.  There are already a couple of ready-to-go gimmicked envelopes included in this kit.

This certainly is a revolutionary, unique and impressive design for Swami writers and well-worth checking out, though I do caution that this may not work as well for you as other gimmicks.