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The Blurb

The Fource takes well-established psychological methods that
all mentalists know and stretches them in completely new
directions and dimensions. Remember what Dr. Bill did with

He took a seventy-year-old idea and turned it on its head,
breathing new life into a classic of mentalism and resulting
in the highly acclaimed Mirabill.

Or how about what Dr. Bill did with the venerable Instant
Magic Square? His inspired thinking morphed it into
Subliminal Square, a completely original and new
presentation published in Banachek’s award winning
Psychological Subtleties 2. Well, he’s done it again.

The Fource is the result of one of those rare inspirations
that seemingly appear out of nowhere, arriving “wholecloth.”
The universal response from everyone who saw an early draft
was “Why haven’t we thought of this before?”

Along with Dr. Bill’s ideas, The Fource ebook includes
incredible innovations from Larry Becker, Millard Longman,
Alain Nu, Rick Roth, Greg Arce, Julian “Bev” Moore,
Alexandre, Sean Waters, Jerome Finley, Enrique Enriquez,
Lior Manor, Christopher Taylor, Bryn Reynolds and Tony

The Fource ebook also includes a JPG to be used in the tasty
Outlaw flavored contribution from Rick Roth that can play
close up or on the largest of stages. Dr. Bill supplies
links to sites that will allow you to easily customize your
own similar presentations.

Subliminal Square mentioned above has been reborn as the
“Sublime Subliminal Square” and is now completely hands off.
Just you, the audience and…The Fource.

Not only does Dr. Bill’s new ebook supply a variety of
meaningful presentations for his original methodology, it
also contains several routines that don’t use The Fource yet
tap into the same genre of “group dynamics.” Workers know
the value of effects that capture the imagination of the
entire audience and “gets those hands up.”

“Performing effects with all of the spectators is something
that many mentalists and magicians miss out on. The Fource
gives you several very strong options to employ with the
entire audience. I am using it in every show. Thanks Bill!”
Lior Manor

“Hi Bill. Eureka! Why the hell didn’t I think of that!!!!
Well we all did, but never as (deleted for security
reasons). It’s positively brilliant. An opener par
excellence. Great thinking Bill. Just my cup of tea. Simple,
powerful and memorable. You newest admirer.”
Larry Becker

“I love simple, effective ideas that are truly new. The
Fource is a one of them. It takes standard material and
elevates it many notches. I have been using my own variation
of this effect in my current show, but plan to adapt The
Fource as a definite improvement! Many top names have
contributed to this work and I found myself considering
ways I can use some of their input for some my other
material. The book made me think and that’s what I love.
This is not pipedream stuff, but workable presentations that
really hit home with your audience as a whole. I am excited
by this book!”
Richard Osterlind

“First of all, I think The Fource is absolutely the most
brilliant way of performing (deleted for security reasons).
Everything since Ted’s “No-Prop Act” has been, I feel, a
re-hash, whereas your routine breathes completely new life
into it. I will be performing it your way from now on.
Wonderful stuff, Bill.”
Gabe Abelson

“Stop talking about The Fource!!!! It’s too good!!! It’s
definitely one of those things that is going to have
everyone saying, ‘You mean I had the ability to do this all
the time and I never thought of it!? What was I
Greg Arce

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My Comments

The blurb is accurate.  When you read this e-book, the first
question going through your mind will be "Why didn't I think
of this?"  The second thing you may be saying to yourself
is, "I should have thought of it, so why am I paying for
it?"  And, of course, those are the best ideas: the ones
that are so simple that the majority of mentalists have
overlooked them.

Unfortunately, there's not much more I can say about this
without giving it away.  Experienced mentalists can
correctly guess that Bill has taken a classic force and
injected some fresh ideas into it.  This is also the
routine's only drawback, if one can call it that.  If one
does the same force in every act, then it will be definitely
be a consideration to those who work with repeat audiences.
However, the force can be varied somewhat as the e-book
details.  And, despite knowing that, Dr. Bill has created a
utility idea and a winning routine with solid thinking.  I
definitely recommend this.