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The Blurb

There is lots of money in fortune telling.
The secret is how to get into those parties that want specialized entertainment.
Here are the stories of how a few mentalists have taken a simple routine and made fortunes with it alone.
But the secret alone isn’t enough to make thousands.
You must have an unbreakable business plan.
A Fortune in Fortune Telling includes a step-by-step marketing system that if followed is guaranteed to generate thousands time and time again.

Years ago I was paling around with card expert and master magician, Simon Lovell. Neither of us has enough to go out on the town, so I suggested something. If he knew the secret we could go into an upscale cocktail lounge and hustle some money.
Simon agreed.

Almost $3,000 later Simon had a Docc-story he could tell and retell at convention bars around the world.
Was was the secret?
It’s a secret that a few mentalists and psychics have used to make thousands of dollars in about an hour and remain legal and moral.
You’ll read the details of success stories.
Like how one mentalists was a guest at two different millionaire’s homes for the summer and they fought over who had the privilege to host him.
Or Cadillac Man who drove up in a gold convertible Cadillac and drove off with $1,200 in less than an hour.
You’ll learn their secret.

You get a full 52 page eBook.

If you want to travel around the world and get paid for it, the new eBook, A Fortune in Fortune Telling will tell you the guarded secrets on how.
All based on a simple routine wherein a medium can repeatedly look at a person without ever speaking to them and reveal their birthday!
This 52 page eBook not only explains the details of the simple act that you can perform tomorrow, it lays out a step-by-step plan for earning boxes of money.

But there’s more…

For a limited time,  I’ll explain the Trinket Test.
Any two items are freely chosen by a committee, placed in a hat and covered with a handkerchief. Instantly the medium knows what the two objects are; and is able to give a psychometry reading and return the items to the owners!
This is a powerful routine.
One that can make a reputation for you.

That’s a lot of information, but let’s add another full eBook!

For a limited time, you get the full original mimeograph of Ted Annemann’s classic routine, En Rapport.
It’s your FREE as a gift when you order A Fortune in Fortune Telling.

Now, with only a handful of charts, a good friend, the business plan and this secret, you can perform the best hotels, wealthy parties and elite gatherings.

This is classier than a “pitch” and more advanced than a “code act”.
This is how to shine among the stars.

NOTE: Although some DHP products are mentioned as examples, the information contained in A Fortune in Fortune Telling is self contained. You can apply mentalism you already have in your program.

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Jheff's Guide


The ad could be perceived as misleading.  So let me clarify that this is not a solo effect.  You’ll need an assistant, but Docc explains that it has taken an hour to teach this to the people he’ll use just hours before the performance.  Also, being able to “perform tomorrow,” as the blurb proclaims, requires you to have several other of Docc’s products, namely SWITCHBLADE, SYSTEM 88, and WINDOWS TO YOUR FUTURE.  However, Docc does mention that you can definitely use suitable alternatives from your repertoire instead.  If you don’t have those alternatives or Docc’s items, though, you will need to obtain them.

To do this routine as described, you’ll need SWITCHBLADE, SYSTEM 88, and WINDOWS TO THE FUTURE or other similar techniques.  You’ll also need an assistant.

Parlour, Stage

This is Docc’s easy method for using a technique that is used within two person mentalism routines.  This 70 page PDF (the last 18 pages is the bonus book EN RAPPORT by Annemann) is certainly a worthwhile investment if you’re interested in making money from fortune-telling and you don’t mind using an assistant, even one that you train just an hour or two beforehand.