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The Blurb

Imagine asking somebody in the audience to change their mind
as many times as they wish, before they name a Facebook
status. They name one. After being invited onstage they are
given one last chance to change their mind. They do. Yet
still, after all this, their decision matches your
prediction. Nobody touches the prediction. The effect is
completely hands off – nobody needs to be onstage at the
time the prediction is opened.

My Comments

This 17-page downloadable e-book contains Chris Beard's
opener that he had been effectively using for awhile.  It is
a fun piece that certainly can set the tone of one's act.
There is nothing new here in terms of principles, but Beard
has made this contemporary and added a nice element about
allowing someone to change their mind.

Speaking of that, there is one point that I need to clarify
from the blurb.  The blurb states that you ask "somebody in
the audience to change their mind as many times as they
wish" and that's not exactly accurate.  In fact, you do ask
them, and by the structure of the routine, that person will
change their mind.  That happens once, though.  Also, I will
note that there is some work prior to the show that needs to
be done which may not suit the style of all performers.

This is a strong, fun, visual, contemporary opener that will
serve you well if this fits your style.