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$19.95 ($29.95 outside the U.S.)

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The Blurb

A new divination experience has arrived!

Our oracle cards were originally created for private use and designed as a supplement for other intuitive methods. We soon discovered that the deck had a much wider charm and so
were convinced to release it to you. Conceived to use the words on each card as the primary method of interpretation and containing a “soul” of their own, you no longer have to memorize symbol and image meanings nor be relegated to constant referral to reference materials in order to understand what the cards are saying. Just let the words, themselves, speak to you and rouse passionate and moving associations. Whether you are new to divination or an experienced Reader, The Deck of Shadows will express itself to you like none other.

WARNING: The Deck of Shadows contains images from classical artists. Some pictures present historical and mythological events with a sensual or mature theme and contain nudity.

Recommended for adults only.

  • 54 hand-designed cards.
  • Black and white cards that underscore how unparalleled this divination tool truly is.
  • Black core card stock with linen finish.
  • Custom printed card box with First Edition imprint. These will be a collector’s item.
  • Original back design.
  • Cards are the size of a normal Poker deck  – measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″.
  • Includes “A Little White Book for The Deck of Shadows” – a 40-page instruction manual with card spreads to get you started on your journey.
  • Includes an organza carrying bag.

The Deck of Shadows is similar to a pack of Tarot cards and can be used for divination, inspiration, inner guidance, and developing your intuition. It is first and foremost a method for exploring the images, feelings, metaphors, and symbols that we experience in everyday life. Within the deck, gracefully contained in 54 cards, are the major life themes
we all experience at one time or another. The cards were born of concepts from the fields of psychology, mythology, and mysticism – you might prefer to think of the deck as a unified theory of living.

Whether you are new to reading oracle cards or a veteran Seer, there is something in the cards that awaits you. For experienced Readers, these cards were designed to supplement
what you are already intimate with and provide even greater depth to your insights while also giving you some fresh themes to explore. For those new to the art of divination, there is no need to memorize arcane symbols or study esoteric texts if you don’t want to; the very meanings of each card are openly set forth so that you may jump right in and concentrate on intuitive interpretations.

Use The Deck of Shadows to answer questions, find the hidden meaning behind a challenge you face, jump start a project, obtain inspiration for a friend, or just have fun exploring the stories that unfold as you turn over the cards.


REGULAR PLAYING CARDS – Each of the 52 oracle cards has an associated playing card reference that allows you to use them as a conventional deck.

JOKERS – For simple “yes” and “no” questions, we have given you cards inspired by the biblical stones or lots used by High Priests to determine an outcome – “Urim” and “Thummim.”

IMAGES – Each card has symbols and images that appear throughout the deck intended to provide you with a secondary source of inspiration.

FINISH – Chosen by professionals, our card stock quality and finish make this deck perfect for handling, shuffling, fanning, and spreading.

BACK DESIGN – The back design of our cards is a one-of-a-kind pattern; essentially a compass rose that permits you to see whether a card is reversed or not even before it is turned over.

An oracle deck is a deck of cards that allows a person to increase his or her gift of divination, intuition, and prophecy.  Their use is as unique as the person reading
them, and they are commonly used to gain insight into a person’s questions or current life situation. Oracles of various types were extremely common throughout many ancient
cultures and have had the power to influence their history, religion, and the governing of countries.

The paintings contained on the cards are in the public domain and offered through fair use. For more information on the individual paintings and artists, you are encouraged to
consult the deck’s accompanying booklet in addition to searching the Internet and contacting hosting museums.

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My Comments

he first thing that came to my mind after seeing this is to describe this as "Fortune-Telling with Cards For Dummies."  That's somewhat tongue-in-cheek and makes this sound much
more simplistic than it really is, but it is indeed quite easy to use.  Imagine a standard deck of playing cards with each card containing a picture relevant to its meaning, one main key word to indicate its meaning, and three additional keywords.  It comes in its a card case and in a small carrying bag along with a small booklet (slightly larger than the deck itself) that contains the meanings and some explanatory information. And it costs about the same as most Tarot decks.

The easiest way to use this is to just have a card selected at random.  Then look at the picture with its symbols and imagery, and look at the keywords printed on the card, and
apply it to the person sitting before you.  Because the words and pictures are on the cards, you hardly need any memorization, but rather a dose of creativity.  Being poker-sized, the cards are also easy to carry around.  And, if you like doing a little magic, you can do all your favorite tricks with this deck (I know, I know; some of you will cringe at that, but it's a feature that must be pointed out.)

The only consideration that I can think of that might give purchasers pause to part with their money is that the deck is in black-and-white.  And, if all you wanted was a pretty
deck of cards to add to your collection, then perhaps this isn't for you.  This deck, though, is much more.  And to the sittees, they'll only care about what's being told to them, anyway, not that the cards are devoid of any color.

If you wish to do readings with playing cards or if you wish to begin doing readings, this is an excellent tool to start with and I highly recommend this.  And, if you're already a reader, this is a very useful tool to add to your toolbox.

Finally, this is what Richard Webster had to say about this:
"I was fortunate enough to receive a prototype of Scott Grossberg's new deck, and have played with it extensively. I started using the traditional  playing card interpretations,
and found that worked well, but my readings improved enormously when I started using the pictures and keywords as well. My 12-year-old granddaughter loves the deck, and began giving readings with it right away. She totally ignored the playing card suits, as she wasn't familiar with them, but immediately gave good readings using the pictures and

NOTE: As of this writing, Scott has a special deal that if you buy two of these decks the price is $34.95.  These prices are for U.S. International prices are slighly higher.