The Blurb

Would you like to have in your repertoire some killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, any place and without any props?

Well good news! Conversation As Mentalism contains tried an tested material that you can start to use immediately.

The Participant’s experience of what occurs during these casual performance pieces is this: during the course of an interesting conversation, things take an odd turn and something strange and completely inexplicable happens.

All the effects have been designed with one outcome in mind – to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks.

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Jheff's Guide


If you’re searching for routines that can be done impromptu, then you absolutely must invest in this series of booklets that Mark Elsdon has been releasing.  As with most collections of material, you may not like or want to use every routine, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll get something you’ll use from each entry in this series.

This edition includes the following:  Game On; Lies; Seven; All Change; Thumbthing; This Year’s Book; Sixty Two Pence; Landline; One for the Road
These routines include such things as imaginary dice; lie-detecting; the seven sins; pocket change; fingers; books; cell phones; and drinks.