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Standard Edition

(SRP: $135

Limited Edition

$99 (SRP: $149)

The Blurb

“Yoan & Guillaume have done it again! Comic Book Test is
absolute wonderful! First, the props are top class. Even
though they are comic books, they are made really strong.
They will last you for years. As for effects, these books
are packed with them! You can read minds, do predictions and
all kinds of cool stuff. I love this type of prop because it
gets me thinking and I know I can use the effect for many
different routines. It is a beautiful utility prop. Kudos to
these guys. They are adding immensely to the mentalism
fraternity!” – Richard Osterlind

A complete mentalism routine using a comic book!

Perform amazing feats of memory and telepathy and create
utterly impossible coincidences.

It took more than two years to conceive and produce this
unique COMIC book test!

Soft Cover
48 pages
Printed in color

only 700 printed
Hard Cover
48 pages
Printed in Black and White

My Comments

I really didn't think that I'd like this as much as I do.
When I first saw the blurb, I had a couple of reactions.
First, though I'm a longtime fan and reader of comic books,
with the limited amount of text on a page, I couldn't see
using this instead of regular books, which contain more
text. Not only that, but this graphic novel does not feature
any well-known comic book characters.  Finally, I wasn't too
keen about the artwork upon my initial perusal.  Of course,
I suppose I was a bit biased because there have been
creators who's marketed comic book book tests in the past
and they aren't even worth talking about.  Let's just say it
contributed to my initial lack of enthusiasm for this.

Well, I still may not be too crazy about the artwork, but
then again, one can't be too critical of some of the
interior text of many of the best book tests out there?
Ever tried to read Karmilovich's MOTHER OF ALL BOOK TESTS?
For reasons having to do with the method, if one tries to
read it cover to cover they'd be confused.  So, if this
comic makes no sense, then you tried to read it cover to
cover and that's not what you're supposed to do, nor are you
supposed to give your participants enough time to do so,

It is filled with some very strong, well thought-out effects
that certainly make this a worker.  Participants can turn to
any page and words can be divined as well as images, strings
of numbers, times, and symbols.  There is even a prediction
that can be made.  So it is quite versatile and, as such,
certainly impressed me.  Most of the effects can be done

There are eight different effects available.  The first six
are included in both editions.  However, one effect
involving revealing the location of blood stains requires
you to buy the limited hardbound edition and the explanation
of another function must be obtained from their website.
Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I could not
figure out how to obtain that mystery function from the
website, so I cannot tell you what it is.

Obviously, the big consideration is whether one can fit a
comic book into one's presentational act.  Initially, as I
wrote, I questioned whether one would prefer to use that
instead of a more "normal" book.  Actually, I'm going to be
using that in conjunction with other books, so it fits just
fine with my style.  This is certainly something I will
definitely use in the future.

The handsome package comes with a 15-page instruction
booklet and a softcover comic book.  The limited edition
package comes with a different comic book which works the
same way, is in black-and-white and hardcover, and is signed
by the creators.  It also comes with a special pen for the
exclusive effect mentioned in the blurb.  As of now, both
are available.