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The Blurb

Everyone that sees this performed wants one.  It’s that good- simple, funny, and compact professional routine.  A fantastic opener for any stand-up show.  Magician says he has three predictions inside an envelope.  When asked for an animal, a letter, and a grocery product, the three predictions are revealed to be hilarious gag predictions until the last one, a UPC bar code, is turned over to reveal the correct product named.  Guaranteed laughs to start off the show with a killer magic ending.  You get everything to do the routine immediately.  Very decept5ive routine and so very easy to do.  Fools many magicians because of its simplicity.  No forcing or secret writing of any kind is used — just a good solid routine along with a special envelope makes for a killer effect!

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My Comments

This is a lot of fun.  It's not everyone's cup of tea and it may not fool most magicians, but laymen love it.  I saw Troy Hooser use it at the Magic Castle and get a tremendous response.

The ad, however, is slightly misleading.  You do get everything you need to do the routine, but you can't do it immediately.  There's a one-time preparation that takes about ten minutes.  It involves labeling.  Also, even though it is a good opener, it doesn't need to be.  Using Troy Hooser as an example again, Cereal Killer was his second effect, not his first.

Other than that, the whole effect is self-contained within an 8 x 10 manila envelope.  It re-sets quite easily and packs flat.  True, there's a lot of mentalism gags, but the kicker ending is pure mentalism and the one page of instructions does cover different ways you can end the effect.  If this appeals to you, you will definitely enjoy performing this.

Additional note: This effect, as packaged, may only play in the U.S. as it deals with cereal brands popular in the States.  However, one may be able to come up with different products and alter the effect for performances outside the U.S.