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The Blurb

Actually this volume contains more than Paolo’s 2004
publication of the same name – in fact, this book contains
four different works PLUS a foreword by John Riggs.

The contents of the name giving work ‘Omicron’ are the

Chairvelopes Wook
Miscellanea (Remote Viewing of Some Kind, You Do As I Do
Book Test, Arcanum Nine Point Zero, In-Visible In-Sight,
Shades of Upsilon  (Patetogy, Psychometrack, Pendulumix)

In addition to Omicron the second volume of the Cavalli
Files will contain Paolo’s brilliant ‘Watermark Codex’ – an
ingenious method of creating invisible markings (literally
invisible!) that become visible only if you ‘activate’ them.
Think about the possible applications a technique like this:
You can mark envelopes for example in a way that there is
literally nothing to see – even if one inspects them
thoroughly.  Only if you – you, as the all knowing performer
– want it to … the marking becomes visible – to you only!

The third part of this book is Paolo’s ‘Into the White’.  He
himself described this work as “A routined blend of
revelations you can use with the info you get with any means
(Peek, Tear, Clipboard, Notepad, etc.) in order to
apparently tell so much with so little…” – and yes, this
composition makes LOTS of merely nothing.

And finally the book closes with an essay of ours (Rainer
and me, Thomas, of ParaLabs).  ‘(How) Does Mind-reading
really work?’ are deliberations about neuropsychological
aspects in the context of mind reading. “Mind reading – the
Real Work” if you like, …

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My Comments

This is the second in a brand new series of handsome
editions of Paolo Cavalli's e-books which have been
unavailable for quite some time now.  If you've not
discovered the work of Paolo Cavalli (famous for his
presence on the Magic Cafe under the name of "Lord of
Horses"), this is an excellent time to start.  Paralabs is
re-releasing all of his published work in these new
editions, including a two-volume set of unpublished work.

OMICRON (6" x 9", 111-page softbound)contains not only
OMICRON, which features his classic CHAIRVELOPES routines,
John Riggs provides a new forward.  The contents are listed
above.  As in the first volume, the variety of effects
listed vary in terms of being close-up, parlour, stage, and
walkaround, so there should be something for everyone here.
More specifically, the routines involve chairs, books,
playing cards, coins, business cards, envelopes, and more.

If you already have OMICRON, THE WATERMARK CODES, and/or
INTO THE WHITE in e-book format, I urge you to buy this new
edition and support Paolo.  If you don't already have these,
then this is another time when I must state that I will envy
you at the delight you will have discovering the very clever
material and thinking within these pages.  Definitely