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The Blurb

Previously, you have been bending a bit, and have collected the parts and pieces of forks and spoons in a cutlery tray, box or some such. Later on during the set, you are going to be blindfolded for an experiment. When that time comes, you use two of the broken off tablespoon bowls from your spoon bag/cutlery tray, box or etc. You and a spectator tear off strips of black electrical tape, cloth adhesive medical tape (or even use large Band-Aids), and tape a spoon bowl tightly over each of your eye sockets. Small strips may even seal the bottom and top of each spoon bowl, precluding any light of sight.

And yet you are able to have almost perfect vision.

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My Comments

What a devilishly clever prop!  Tom has discovered a type of spoon that looks exactly like a regular everyday table spoon, however it has unique properties that allow you to use it deceptively and effectively in a blindfold routine.  The drawback is that these spoon bowls cannot be examined closely by the participant and you must also have done some spoon bending in your act.  Otherwise, pulling out spoon bowls would be incredibly suspicious.  If you perform metal bending earlier in your act, the audience will assume the bowls have already been examined and are ordinary.

The package comes with one page of instructions, which is all you need.  It also includes two spoon bowls to get your started and eight extra spoons, which should last a good while.  Remember, the spoon bowls are already broken when you pick them up so you're not using up spoons during each show.  The spoon bowls, if handled carefully, should last
for many shows.  I should also mention that the price is incredibly reasonable.  If you do metal bending and blindfold work, this is highly recommended.