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This exciting new set of postcards promoting classic works of literature will allow you to reveal a thought-of book in a number of different ways.  These cards look like authentic postcards that you’d find in your local library – though they’re definitely not – but have very specific features which the working professional can take full advantage of.  These features are a combination of familiar principles along with some new ideas to create something that will pack small and play big.

Jheff currently performs a solid three-phase routine which builds to the strongest phase of the three.  You can perform the phases exactly as Jheff has routined them, or you can customize the routine to fit your style and needs.  You do not need to do all three phases.  There’s also an additional feature which will allow you to do a fourth phase.

There are sixteen cards.  Each one has the title and the author of the book in bold letters across the top, a brief one sentence description of the story, a graphic of a legitimate book cover, and a list of all the books in the promotional card series.

Phase One:  A participant chooses one card and focuses on the cover.  The performer describes the cover and then names the book.

Phase Two: The cards are handed to a second participant who mixes them up and then looks at one, preferably a book he or she is familiar with.  The participant is asked to read aloud the list of books at the bottom of the card.  When finished, the performer claims to have gotten a very strong image when the title was mentioned.  He describes the image and then says the name of the thought-of book, which is correct.

Phase Three:  Another participant takes the cards, mixes them up, and looks at one.  This time, the performer asks the participant to think of the ten-digit ISBN#.  One by one, the performer reveals the thought-of numbers and finishes by revealing the book title.

Everything can be examined, both before and after the routine.
Minimal memorization required.
Fits in a coat pocket.
Can play any venue.
Completely angle proof.
Nothing else needed (though you can laminate the cards)

The package includes the sixteen cards and a twelve-page instructional booklet.

These are the cards that Jheff is using right now, but he has a few more ideas to add to the card that would make it even more versatile.  Though he’s still working on adding more features and designs, many have expressed that these cards are fine the way they are.  So Jheff printed up a limited amount of sets and brought them to Mindvention 2015 and sold quite a few there.  There are only a handful left.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.  However, once Jheff is satisfied with the final design and has them printed, they will be made available to any purchaser of the Workshop edition at a special price.  Naturally, the price will be significantly higher and no promises can be made about the date that this new version will be produced, other than it will and probably within the next year.  Until then, purchasers get a BONUS as they are eligible to gain access to an exclusive area of Jheff’s Marketplace of the Mind forum to discuss ideas for these cards as well as get the PDF file to be able to print your own replacement set of cards.

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Effect with Props

Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround

Rather than insincerely gloat and review on my own products, let me just say that if you’re not familiar with my material, I always create products that are as direct as they can be and simple enough so that the performer can focus on the presentation.  Most importantly, though, I design them for my personal use and those are the qualities I look for in my routines.