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The Blurb

This cd-rom contains 43 of Barrie’s best routines, tricks, and devices. Contained in pdf file format on the cd are 4 collections of Barrie’s lecture notes, and 4 of Barrie’s routines. Each pdf file contains several illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Lectures & Routines Included:

  • Lecture notes: Concepts and Deceptions
  • Lecture notes: Seven Modest Miracles
  • Lecture notes: Six Powerful Routines
  • Lecture notes: Subtleties, Boldness, and Misdirection
  • Routine: Astonishing Rice Jar Suspension
  • Routine: Impossible Knot Routine
  • Routine: Impromptu Card at any Number
  • Routine: Optical Brainwave-Slow-Motion

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My Comments

This CD includes material featured in Barrie Richardson's lectures.  Some of the material from Theater of the Mind has some updated handling and tips.  And much of the newer material is featured in Act II.  There are a few items in here that are not featured in his books -- notably Quartet and Impromptu Card at Any Number, but if you have both books you have most of this material already.  However, I should point out that the material here is essentially only highlights from his two books.  You'll note that there is some material overlap in the lecture notes and the included routines.  Unfortunately, though it is definitely topnotch material from one of mentalism's most honored creators, I recommend this only to completists of Barrie's work and recommend that you buy Barrie's wonderful two books first and then pick up Impromptu Card at any Number or Quartet separately, if interested.

Here's a list of the effects contained within the lecture notes:

CONCEPTS & DECEPTIONS: Ovation Position, Airplane Cards, Bill in Lemon, Dollar Divination, The Trick That Fooled Einstein, Suspension of Disbelief, Lazy Magicians' Memorized Deck, Unshuffled Rounders, Novel Ghost Gimmick, Novel Center Tear -- Post It Note, Devious Deck Switch, Untouched Card at Any Number, Impossible Knot Routine, Card to Pocket-Banded Wallet, My Card Trick, Rice Jar Mystery

SEVEN MODEST MIRACLES: Simplex Book Test, Impromptu Card Rise, Cash Balance, The Power of Touch, A Sweet Transformation, Impromptu Princess, Ambiguous Coffee Can

SIX POWERFUL ROUTINES: The Memorized Magazine Demonstration, The Color in Your Mind, Business Card Center Tear, Birthday Cards, Richardson's Easy Diary Code, The Blind Voice Detector, Contact, Lazy Magician's Memorized Deck

SUBTLETIES, BOLDNESS & MISDIRECTION: Challenge Card to Pocket, Word Flight -- Revisited, Third Card Rising, A Game of Intuition, Everyone a Winner, Quartet, Another World, Rounders, Devious Deck Switch