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The Blurb

Back in 2010 Looch released his original ‘AREA Book Test’, a pocket sized creation designed for the strolling performer.

AREA introduced two incredible new principles, the ‘Master Word Principle’ (MWP) and the ‘Blagging’ principle.These two principles created the illusion that the performer could have anyone mentally select a word from a book and instantly began revealing specific details about that word without seemingly resorting to any kind of fishing process.

AREA received astonishing reviews and quickly sold out. It has long been out of print and copies of AREA often change hands on the secondhand market at well over double the original price.

With recent developments in the print world Looch has redesigned the ‘AREA Book Test’ and created an even more compact and portable weapon of destruction.
Introducing The AREA Nano Edition Book Test.

‘AREA Nano’ is designed for close up performance with the emphasis on minimizing the pocket space for the modern worker and looks exactly like the kind of ‘commuter edition’ books seen on the sales carousels in bookstores such as Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell’s, etc.
The Basic Effect

A small paperback miniature book is handed out to a participant who is asked to open the book to any page and to mentally select a word. The performer can be facing away as the participant does this. The participant doesn’t show the word to anyone and nor do they write it down. Yet the performer can immediately, without any sort of pumping or fishing begin to reveal with 100% accuracy letter after letter after letter of their word. The performer can then proceed to reveal the word in its entirety, bringing the demonstration of telepathy to an amazing & successful conclusion.
What’s new in AREA Nano?

Firstly there is the size of the book – it truly is a micro book measuring only 70mm x 100mm (2.75″ x 4″) which is approximately the same size as a pack of playing cards but only a third the thickness. You will barely notice it in your pocket and yet you will always be armed and ready to perform some incredible hands off mind reading at a moment’s notice.

The original ‘AREA Book Test’ included a specially printed bookmark which had a list of the force words used in the routine so as to negate any memorization. In ‘AREA Nano’ the bookmark has been replaced by an incredible secret crib that is hidden in plain sight and always available to the performer if needed.

The single version of ‘AREA Nano’ comes with the HOMEMADE PROBLEMS cover variant packaged in a specially branded AREA tin.  The limited edition version of ‘AREA Nano’ comes with both the HOMEMADE PROBLEMS and the PASSAGE OF THE PAST cover variants packaged in a Limited Edition tin.

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“The AREA Book Test represents a genuine breakthrough in book test methodology and is now a featured effect in my regular act”
Bob Cassidy

AREA is a real thing of beauty. The book is so innocent and can withstand close scrutiny. Book tests don’t come much better than this.”
Mark Chandaue

“Just wanted to chime in an sing the praises of this masterpiece! I own a lot of great book tests, they all look great on my shelf for when I have visitors but the AREA Book Test is and will always be the one I’ll get the most use out of!”
Michael Murray

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Jheff's Guide

Effect with Props

It’s accurate enough

The secret crib on the Single Edition is a bit hard to read due to the light contrast.   If your eyesight is not average, then this is easily fixed by creating your own crib.  The second book in the Nano limited edition does not have this issue.

Close-up, Walkaround

If you’re looking for a book test that’s similar to MOABT that can fit in your shirt pocket, then this is definitely something you’d be interested and I do highly recommend it, as I do most of Looch’s wonderfully creative material.