The Blurb

Welcome to Anthony Blake’s world! In this 3 DVD set, you will learn routines directly from his professional repertory. As you’ll see below, each DVD touches on a diverse set of effects using different materials to create versatility and wonder.

Center Tear Master Class
Swami Master Class

The Credit Card
X-Ray Vision
Zenner Experience
Spoon Routine

Odors and Flavors
Book Test

Each effect is explained in full detail, and will not only focus on the presentation, but also show you new techniques that you can apply in many other routines.

“Anthony Blake is the Juan Tamariz of Mentalism”  – Dani DaOrtiz

“Anthony Blake is a master showman. He is a huge stage and TV star in Europe and South America because he knows how to touch people deeply with his magic and mentalism.
He rarely shares his ideas, so this is a special opportunity to learn from someone with decades of experience at the highest levels of show business.”
– Ken Weber

“Anthony Blake cannot walk the streets of Spain without crowds calling out BLAKE….BLAKE. He is not only a brilliant creator and artist, but understands what we can call the science of Mentalism. And to see his show or appearances is illuminating and in its presentation – earth shattering. To learn from him is to have your eyes reopened.”
– Marc Salem

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Jheff's Guide

This product has not been released yet, but I can emphasize that Anthony Blake is a huge superstar in Spain.  He’s as well-known and as popular as Juan Tamariz. He’s also one of the most talented and nicest guys you could meet.  I would be very disappointed if this DVD does not reflect that.

Based on the blurb alone, I would assume you’re not getting revolutionary material, but definitely strong material that Anthony Blake currently uses.  And I can be fairly certain that the material is solid, practical, and tested stuff that is well-worth getting and studying.

Once it’s released and have a chance to watch this, I’ll update my comments.