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The Blurb

Miracle Factory Spotlight Series number 5

Annemann’s Enigma: The Writings of Theodore Annemann

2-CD Set

Two CDs of Annemann’s writings and life
Over 1000 pages of material
20 Annemann books
50 Annemann manuscripts
Over 100 rare photos
Previously unpublished effects and letters
Rare Annemann Bullet Catch video and articles on the Bullet Catch
The Mystery of the Jinx Postcard
Biographical timeline and Annemann genealogy
Bonus material on pioneer mentalist Bert Reese
Includes the “Fake Jinx” and other Annemann rarities
Convenient PDF format on two CDs
Essential reading for the card magician and mentalist

Annemann’s Enigma is an incredible collection of the writings and life story of the brilliant Ted Annemann. This 2-CD set features the most complete array of Annemann writings ever offered: over 1000 pages of material with twenty of his books, including some of his rarest titles, 50 manuscripts, and even a few unpublished effects.

His brief and stellar life is explored through letters, memorabilia, news and magazine articles, and over 100 photos of Annemann, many never-before-seen images from his family’s collection, ranging from childhood to his final years.

Includes Annemann’s Card Miracles (1929), Annemann’s Mental Miracles (1929), The Book Without a Name (1931), 101 Methods of Forcing (1932), 202 Methods of Forcing (1933), Sh-h-h-h! It’s a Secret! (1934), Annemann’s Complete One-Man Mental and Psychic Routine (1935), Mental Bargain Effects (1935), En Rapport (1937 and 1944 editions),Jinx Programs 1-5 (1938), The Incorporated Strange Secrets (1939), Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks (1943), Practical Mental Effects (1944), Annemann’s Fifty Dollar Manuscript, Annemann’s Miracles of Card Magic (1948), and Buried Treasures (1952).

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My Comments

This is indeed a very impressive, elegant compilation that's
a must-have for fans of Annemann, who is considered the
father of modern mentalism performances.  I know that most
will want to know just what is different between this and
the larger Abrams' book.  From the blurb, you can tell that
there is a lot of overlap in material.  The big difference
is that you get PDF scans of the original books and
pamphlets, including the original covers, all fully indexed
so that you can find any book or work with a simple click.
The Abrams book has an index to tricks and articles only and
one can't find a specific book because all the contents have
been combined and organized differently than in the original

There is also included a generous amount of insightful
memorabilia that has not been printed in any form until now.
Annemann's tragic story is also fully explored.  And there
are some rare manuscripts, much of it involves mentalism
with cards.  New in this collection is an examination of the
Jinx card, the Bullet catch, Bert Reese articles, and two
unpublished Annemann effects.  At the time of this writing,
I've honestly not had time to peruse all of the material on
these discs as it will probably take me the better part of a
few months, if not more, to do so.  But what I have looked
at so far, I have enjoyed thoroughly.

Most of the new or unseen material involves the memorabilia,
and if you buy this expecting an unearthed goldmine of
Annemann's genius, you'll be disappointed.  I also know that
many prefer to have books such as this in a nice hardcover
volume and do not have a preference for reading electronic
books.  But for what this is, it's extraordinary.  Todd Karr
put an extraordinary amount of work into creating this
impressive resource for mentalists and magicians.  One can
also consider this as a wonderful collector's item or an
ideal traveling library of material from one of mentalism's
giants.  No matter how you look at it, it's a worthy and
useful addition to one's library.

The package comes in a slim case with 2 CDs.  Volume 1:
"Anneman's Writings" contains Annemann's books and
manuscripts.  Volume 2: "Annemann's Enigma" contains
Annemann Visions, Annemann's Journey, Annemann Memorabilia,
The Bullet Catch, The Mystery of the Jinx Postcard, and Bert
Reese: On the Path to Annemann.