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The Blurb

1) AlphaTized is an alphabet deck printed in poker size; 2) on high quality casino card stock; 3) Marked back identifies the card, the one ahead of it in an alphabetic stack, and has a one-way feature.

AlphaTized marks the return of quality alphabet cards to the entertainment industry, so break out the Card Ducks and spelling tricks again. There are hundreds of card and mental routines that involve  alphabet cards but until now we were forced to use the flimsy ‘flash card’ decks found in office supply stores.  At last, a durable deck of playing cards with the letters of the alphabet, both upper case capitals as well as lower case letters, plus one double back card for those routines that require one.

In addition, Lee Earle’s Demon Deck parody back design (it looks just like a familiar brand but every jot or tittle of the artwork is original) allows for the concealment of the letter from the face of the card as well as the prior card (if the deck is arranged in its circular random alphabetic stack) which allows the performer to apply even more proven card techniques but in cases and places where regular playing cards aren’t welcome.  One more awesome feature is the one-way indicator built into every card – and you can see it at quite a distance if you know where to look.  So break out your Royal Road to Card Magic, Encyclopedia of Card tricks, and all the others that have routines calling for a one-way back; there’s a new pack in town.

Alphabet cards have lately been harder to find than honest politicians. Now, they are available again – but this time as casino quality playing cards!

AlphaTized is a 54 card, poker sized deck with the twenty-six letters in a rich black and the twenty-six lower case letters printed in a soft-tone 80% (grey). One of the extra cards is double-backed while the other is printed to show how to find the markings.

Featuring the customary index “pips” for easy card location in a fan, spread, or peek, these gorgeous cards are imprinted with Lee Earle’s Demon Deck parody back design (blue only).

AlphaTized is available with the regular Unmarked Back or with a Marked, Stacked. and One-Way Back with features the letter from the face of the card secretly hidden within the scrollwork and the back design and another hidden letter which indicates the prior card in a random order, circular alphabet stack. The final added extra is a clever one-way variation you can see from across the room – when you know where to look.

AlphaTized is Lee Earle’s brand new, custom designed, high quality product, packaged and printed by one of the world’s major casino playing card manufacturers.

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Jheff's Guide

Utility Prop

Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.

It would have been nice to mention Larry Becker as the co-creator of the DEMON DECK.

Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround

If you’re looking for a nicely made set of poker-sized alphabet playing cards, this is it.