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The Blurb

From the creator of the bestselling effect iDeck comes another off the wall commercial big hitter!

Alarmed is an incredible prediction effect that ends with your spectator receiving an impossible souvenir.

Here’s The Effect:
Your spectator imagines an alarm clock sitting on their bedside table. They name any day ie Mon,Tues, Wed etc. and any time (There is no force of any kind). You draw a clock
depicting the selected time and day and ask your spec if this is what they imagined. You now reach in to your pocket and remove a photo of an old style digital alarm clock radio. The alarm clock in the photo shows the exact time and day the spectator just thought of!

You are going to love Alarmed. It’s a real world worker with an amazing prediction captured in a photograph!

Alarmed comes complete with 50 x custom photo gimmicks (refills are available) and an instructional DVD outlining multiple routines and handling tips.

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My Comments

This is an incredibly ingenious idea that can be quite versatile. Basically, the special laminated photos of the alarm clock with the time and day on it are what you get and
what make the entire routine work. There are two demo presentations on the instructional DVD and both are different. In fact, the two on the disc are different from what it is described in the blurb above.

What's important is that a freely named day and time (there is no force of time or the day of the week) appears on the clock in a laminated photo that can be handed out as a souvenir. There are no forces of any kind and nothing extra used in this routine besides the card, a Sharpie pen, and a notepad.

I pointed out the different presentations to emphasize that what you are getting is simply a tool to use. It's a very powerful tool, sure, but the possibilities of what you do with it are up to the individual performer. I came up with two or three presentations that I am probably going to explore doing.

The alarm clock card is wallet-sized (about 2" x 3"). Nothing is added to the card. The one "move" that you have to do will appear to the audience as if you're just gesturing behind the notepad. It's not a suspicious movement at all.

The one consideration, and it is a big one, is that the special photos must be purchased. They're about $1 apiece.  You won't be able to make this yourself or, at least, not easily I should think. So if you want to do this, you'll need to stock up. That said, this would be more of a special routine to do in an informal meeting or as a special extra routine, as opposed to making it part of your set.

If the cost of $1 a performance doesn't bother you, then this is a very special and highly recommended item that is suitable for close-up and parlor performances. It could play to large audiences, too, but a larger picture would be better. (Hopefully, Alakazam will come out with a 4" x 6" size). The package includes the instructional DVD and 50 cards to get you started.