The Blurb

Do you enjoy Mentalism effects? How about winning battles? This is for YOU!

Agility is a hard-hitting mentalism routine using a common battle card game theme (Top Trumps). The thinking and design that has gone into this deck is amazing and has truly been a labor of love for all involved. The cards are perfect in every way, and get this it allows you to perform some seriously great mentalism effects with ZERO memory work!

Phase One

Your spectator cuts the deck anywhere and deals both you and them a hand of cards. You can now accurately tell them exactly what you will beat them on with each card played, and get this — you are not reading marks and you don’t even need to look at the cards! You could have predicted every win or loss in advance if you wish!!

Phase Two

Have your spectator remove any card from the pack and, with your back turned, you can start giving them detailed information about their chosen Super Hero character including their overall star rating, strength rating and even the exact name of their character (all without memorizing a thing).

As a bonus, you can even perform a Book Test type effect with the character information included on the card.

Agility is a versatile utility deck that will add an interesting twist to your mentalism.

Points to Remember:

Zero memory work required
No forces
Each card is totally different
The backs of the cards are identical in every way

Agility Comes Complete With:

Full training DVD which teaches multiple effects with the deck
Custom designed and printed battle card deck
Custom designed and printed battle card deck tuck case

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Jheff's Guide

Effect with Props

It’s mostly accurate although one can quibble about the line claiming that “you are not reading marks and you don’t even need to look at the cards.” There are markes but they are disguised as part of the text on the card backs and fronts and you must look at the cards very briefly at some point to gain certain information. But you’re not staring at the cards the whole cards, nor are there different markings on each back as with traditional marked cards. The backs are identical (but do provide a certain secret feature allowing you to do one effect).


These beautifully made and unique cards are both versatile and cleverly made, though it covers a genre that may not be familiar to most laymen. If this close-up effect is something that could fit your style and that piques your interest, then this is certainly worth checking out.