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The Blurb

This simple system uses a specially created statement of
only 7 words, from which you can immediately give an
amazingly accurate  5 – 10 minute reading.

The system was devised for corporate clients who want a
quick turnaround of clients as opposed to long drawn out
readings for only a few.

Includes samples of styles and statements to allow you start
working with a minimum of practice as you can use the
samples as legitimate cues to show clients how you formulate
the reading.

File will be despatched within 24 hours of payment.

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My Comments

This 14-page PDF is an excellent place to start learning
about handwriting analysis.  With just seven basic steps,
you can do some pretty amazing 5-minute analyses.
Obviously, this is only an introduction to the subject, but
it gives you enough information that you can do basic
readings.  Once you master this, then I highly recommend you
move on to works which will give you give you greater study
and depth in the subject.