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The Blurb

13 Steps to Mentalism has become the standard by which all other mentalism books have been judged. In thirteen chapters, it details the workings of nearly every catetory and device useful to the working mentalist. Nail writers, predictions, card tricks, blindfold tricks, muscle reading, billets, publicity stunts, patter and presentation and more are covered within its pages.

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My Comments

One of the true must-have classics in mentalism as this covers thirteen key areas of study for mentalists. Personally, I don't rate it as "the standard by which all other mentalism books have been judged," but it is up there in the top books a mentalist should have, and one of the books a novice mentalist should study. Be warned, though, quite a bit of the skills taught in this book are not easy and require much practice, such as nail writing and muscle reading. Also, I've always felt that there are better sources to learn to perfect some of these skills. However, there are some classic effects and the discussion of these skills is certainly informative enough so that a mentalist can be knowledgeable of them.

This a 424 page hardback book with a dust jacket. If you're a serious mentalist, or are planning on being one, you know, or at least you know now, that you must have this.